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December 2012

Sin-Sex & Sensex ~Insensitive to one and Sensitive to the Other ! ~ A Great Democracy Progressing or Regressing !?

Sin-Sex & Sensex ~Insensitive to one and Sensitive to the Other ! ~ A Great Democracy Progressing or Regressing !?

This Morning we woke up to the tragic news that the Delhi Gang Rape Victim,Nirbhaya, will not wake up to 2013 with us!

She wanted to Live!  India wanted her to Live! but those Sadistic Bastards who went beyond just raping  her threw her out of  a Moving  Bus to Die !

They sinned and murdered for lustful Sex ! ~and the shocking depths of Insensitivity revealed by the horrific utterances of our political leaders like the President’s Son cannot be forgiven or forgotten like the Congress leaders want us to do !

And Think of  This ! ~ many of us are more sensitive to and have attached our lives and fortunes to the Swinging Sensex ! ~ an ex MD of BSE had frustratingly told me in a Corporate Governance Seminar when I debated the havoc that Insider Trading causes and the promoter nexus that causes it ~” What are you talking about Insider Trading ,we have Murderers and Rapists as Promoters of our Listed Companies !”

We cannot let ‘Nirbhaya’  and many more like her,be consigned to the books as just another horrific rape and murder statistic

And we deserve moral and conscientious and upright and strong political leaders who will ensure that this does not happen and bring in fast track justice for the perpetrators ~ Sadly we don’t have any such leaders ~ they break the Law and tell us not to take the Law into our Own Hands !

India ~ My Mother Land ~ Your Mother Land ~A Great Democracy Progressing or Regressing !?

Nirbhaya,Pray that your soul will rest in Peace and God gives you a special place in Heaven…..and let’s all be “Nirbhay” in removing malaise from our civilisation and oppose and throw out many of these Ordinary people who lead us !

As a real Homage to Nirbhaya let’s work to putting this in place

  • Disposing Pending Cases of Rape within 12 months~ put all rape cases on the fast track and let not lack of thorough investigation and evidence or corruption or coercion or influencing the magistrate and judge be an excuse for delaying justice or fast acquittals for those really guilty ~ the CM of each State must immediately get his Home Minister to list all Pending Cases of Rape with mention of  year filed to current status.These should be put on the fast track immediately and within 12 months should be decided,including time for appeal to higher courts ~ Strong deterrent punishment should be meted out fast ~ and any future rape cases should have a time bound and fast trial
  • Strongly addressing the root cause for this Social Evil ~We need to act from both sides~ the Top and the Bottom~ We live in a Society where there is deep rooted domination and resentment over a girl child ~ Sons are revered and brought up with a mindset that they are privileged and thus they take for granted that they have Superior Rights ~ even some of our laws support this ~ It is crucial to ingrain our Sons and Men to learn to respect Women and hold them in high regard right from their birth and childhood ~Basic Education that includes Moral Science has to be made mandatory for all children. This is a huge task in a nation of 1.2 Billion ,most living in villages across 30+ states and union territories and dictated to by caste divisions and local panchayats and chieftans ~I daresay,many Men in India have a convoluted mindset that considers Rape as a Right and as a sign of Manhood ! ~ Yet this Education Endeavour  must be implemented and existing Efforts strengthened  ~ Technology can serve an important role here for wider knowledge and education spread at low cost ~ and an environment must be created where more and more girls and women can fearlessly come forward directly or though families to register rape cases~ in reality the environment is threatening and local nexus ingrains fear into victims and make them feels the shamed ones ~ that most submit to the humiliation without a whimper ! ~ We need a strong Central and State Government with will and determination to end this shameful reality ~ yet the statistics of those elected to govern us are not inspiring ~ many themselves face rape,murder and kidnapping charges and some have even been convicted ! ~ Political Parties, across the board, who put such louse as election candidates defend their decision to do so stating that every man is innocent unless proven guilty ! and that these are only politically motivated accused ! ~ and that is why we need to cleanse this Parliament of such Parties and their Louse and we cannot do so without a New Strong Common Man’s Political Party winning the Elections ~ and that is why we need to support the untiring efforts of the likes of Anna Hazare and Kejriwal ~ they are fighting our battle ! they are doing it for us !
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    When you offer an Orange to eat you just offer it but not unless you are a lawyer !

    🙂 When you offer an Orange to eat you just offer it but not unless you are a lawyer !

    Why do they say Lawyers are not part of the Human race ! ~ and why did the Father Lawyer fire his new Son Lawyer who won a case on his first day of joining that had been pending for 10 years saying “What did you do ! Son ! we have been living off the Fees for 10 years !” 🙁

    🙄  Because this is how a Lawyer contracts an Orange to you to eat !

    “I hereby give and convey to you all and singular, my estate and interests, rights, claim, title and advantages of and in, said orange, together with all its rind, juice, pulp and seeds, and all rights and advantages with full power to bite, cut, freeze and otherwise eat, the same, or give the same away with and without the pulp, juice, rind and seeds, anything herein before and hereinafter or in any deed, or deeds, instruments of whatever nature or kind whatsoever to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding”


    Man is a lustful animal that seizes an opportunity to rape ! ~ pained that we have become a Nation of such Animals !

    Which is more barbaric !?

    A Medical girl Student horrendously raped  by a gang of me and seriously molested and injured in a moving Delhi Bus and the thrown out to die on the Streets ~ and who is battling for her life in a hospital now !?  


    Severe deterrent punishment like beheading or cutting of an arm meted out to criminals in Saudi Arabia !?

    You tell me !

    Man is a lustful animal that seizes an opportunity to rape ! ~ pained that we have become a Nation of such Animals !

    A op-ed column in The Hindu attempts to go to the root to reason why a man Rapes !

    Can understand the thinking thread of  the columnist Ratna Kapur who is the Global Professor of Law, Jindal Global Law School, NCR ~but in my educated view,Man does not rape because he feels threatened by the evolution of the Woman in the Workplace or that he has been indoctrinated by Parents that he has a superior or privileged existence as a son ! ~ he rapes because he’s an animal that lusts and seizes an opportunity !

    ….and how can a Woman be blamed for her own rape !?

    Can you imagine this defense of the Rapists !

    ” I/we  raped her because she was provocatively dressed or/and is a woman of loose character !”

    ” Women have no right to enter the Bastion of Men in the Workplace and should therefore be put in their place when they do so and therefore I/We raped her !”  

    Come On Indian Men  ! Grow Up ! Get Educated ! Show some Respect ! ~ you were born of a Mother ! may have a sister and a daughter ! ~ do you look at them or treat them the same animal way ! ~and yes ! I am acutely aware of the generic slang for such ~ both the desi and the english versions ! ~ but they don’t mean a thing and are just generic curses that easily roll out even in the smallest instance of road rage !

    Good Upbringing,Good Education and Good Deterrent Punishment is the cleansing roadmap ~ and it begins with cleansing our own mindsets first before we reach out to others

    Or are we heading,some cynics say we already are, for  when all women will look at men as potential rapists ! unless we prove ourselves otherwise !

    Praying sincerely for the Delhi Rape Victim to survive……


    Views on RBI keeping rates unchanged + India going Nowhere !

    Do check out our two recent views as below and posted on the Scrip Standpoint Module on our website :


    Tuesday, December 18,2012 ~ RBI leaves all rates Unchanged in it’s Mid-Quarter Monetary Policy Review: December 2012


    Saturday, December 15,2012

    INDIA GOING NOWHERE ! ~ Shooting Ourselves in the Foot after a Spectacular Potential being Realised a few Years ago


    What a Mixed Week it was ! ~ Pained & Pleased both !

    What a Mixed Week it was ! ~ Pained & Pleased both !

    Pained at ….

    • the senseless killing by a evil young gunman of 27 ,including 18 young children at an elementary school in Newtown,USA ~ simply could not sleep that night !
    • India on the verge of losing a Home Test Cricket Series against England for the first time in many years having capitulated in earlier matches without much of a fight
    • the sudden hospitalisation of a close friend’s wife
    • the Pakistan’s Interior Minister making a State visit to India and passing ludicrous comments comparing Babri Masjid Demolition to 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attack~and our Government simply not putting him in his place !

    Pleased at….

    • Launch of our website
    • Encouraging meetings with a high powered Government Delegation from an African Nation and with niche Europe and Singapore Investment Bankers
    • Daughter performing with the Guitar at ‘Encore’ with her All Girls Band ‘Eternal Edge’
    • Meeting Up for Dinners right through the week with Close Friends from overseas visiting from San Jose,Auckland and Moscow ~ all sweetly and thoughtfully bearing chocolates and more ! ~ and the Moscow friend,who was posted in India as a Top Diplomat’s wife some years ago,made my day saying ” it’s simply impossible to find a guy like you to marry these days !” when I inquired about her daughters ! ~I did observe though that there was a studied silence from my wife at this compliment !
    • Catching up at a friend’s son’s wedding reception,with an Old School Gang of Friends,one of who is a celebrity Tabla ‘Ustad’ well known in the percussion world of Fusion Music ~ we reached Cooperage only at 10.15 pm,thinking we were late but learnt the baarat had come in only at 9.30 pm ! ~ we  think we overstayed as we all left at midnight after some wonderful ‘Peru’ Ice Cream  with salt and chilli powder! ~ anyway it was a Punjabi Wedding  and was set to start after midnight ! delayed only by  a few hours!
    • Our SS 1 Stock Select L & T Finance sustaining Rs 90 levels having climbed brilliantly from Rs 50 in the last month

    This Week is also event packed in and out of office ~  On Wednesday night  my wife and I dance a choreographed ‘Senorita’ Number from ZNMD and a funky Indian Number at a cousin’s sangeet as part of his wedding celebrations ! ~ she’s graceful and I’m saying my graces !

    Cheers !

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