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April 2013

Inefficient Markets or Inefficient Valuation !? ~ Saint-Gobain Sekurit is to amalgamate into Grindwell Norton

Inefficient Markets or Inefficient Valuation !? ~ Saint-Gobain Sekurit India (SGSI) is to amalgamate into Grindwell Norton (GN)

The Ratio is One Share of GN of  Face Value Rs 5(currently quoting @ Rs 259) for every 17 shares of Face Value Rs 10 of SGSI (currently on lower circuit of Rs 2o.25 )

Of course rationally all SGSI Shareholders should exit as the Market Price Gap is @ Rs 100 considering the Amalgamation Ratio ! ~ the Book Values of both listed companies indicated a better ratio of 1:12

Check out the details just posted on SCRIP STANDPOINT Module on my company website

Unfair Amalgamation Ratio of 1:17 ?~ Saint-Gobain Sekurit India into Grindwell Norton ~ 29-Apr-2013

Minority Shareholders of SGSI are just flies being shooed off  yet again after a failed delisting attempt by SGSI  in June 2012!

SEBI  needs to intervene to protect minority shareholders and to confirm which is Inefficient ~ Market or the Valuation !

Phillipe Starck ! ~ Wanna Shake Your Creative Hand & Touch Your Passionate Mind !

Phillipe Starck ! ~ Wanna Shake Your Hand ! 

Read this French Creative Genuis Product & Project Designer’s Interview in the latest HBR

Hey Phillipe ! ~ admire your creative genius and passion and  that you live for what you stand for ! ~ Living Life on Your Terms !~treading that path myself… 

Some quotable extracts

  •  I don’t use my energy on other people. I just work and read. I live with myself in front of my white page
  • But from the 15th of June to the 15th of September, I live completely secluded, locked in one of my houses, working from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, or making my own biorhythm: work three hours, sleep 45 minutes, work three hours, sleep 45 minutes, for 24 hours, without eating. It’s a little sick. But I’m like Dr. Faust. I signed a contract with the devil to sell my life for creativity
  • I never collaborate—not because I don’t like other people but because I am not able to do it. I’m one of the fastest organic computers on the market, but I need to be alone
  • I am a lonely guy—earnest, rigorous, an incredible worker—and I just make what I can, how I can, when I can
  • My way is to not delegate. I design everything very precisely, so when I give my team a project, nothing is in doubt. They receive it completely finished; there is nothing to do except crystallize it: put it on the computer—because I work with only paper and pen—and make the prototype. Then I see the prototype, and I check everything. I’m sort of a control freak. I have a very, very precise idea: the shape, the weight, the texture, the cost. And until an engineer explains to me that for technical reasons there is a problem, I don’t change a thing. Of course, if there is a real technical problem, I do change. I come back home, alone, and naked in my bedroom where I work, I redo it. I have no problem with that. But I don’t accept it if somebody tells me: “Oh, you did it in pink, but my wife prefers green.” I say, “I’m sorry. I’m not your wife. You pay me for my know-how. If I think it has to be pink, it’s pink, and here’s why.” I explain the difference between pink and green, and all the types of pinks and all the types of green, because I know my job
  • I have very few people—a nanoteam—because I believe in staying as light as possible. Creativity is something light. Some people I’ve had for 30 years, and I chose them first just by intuition. I love something inside them. They might have no background in design, but they have an intelligence, elegance, honesty. I just took on a new guy I met on the sidewalk. He came up and said, “Mr. Starck, can I shake your hand?” like a thousand people every day. But I got a feeling. I said, “What do you do?” He said, “I’m an architect.” I said, “Come tomorrow to my office and we can speak.” And I gave him a project worth $1 billion without checking if he was good or not
  • I manage by absence. I go to the office two, three days a month, and those are the worst days for me. So the people on my team do what they want, when they want, but the results have to be perfect, crystal perfect. I cannot accept laziness or something that is not intelligent or any type of delay. If we say we will deliver a project on the 20th at 5 PM, on the 20th at 5 PM we shall blow the minds of the people we’re presenting to
  • First, ethics. Thirty years ago, when ethics was not so fashionable, I decided that I wouldn’t work for weapons, alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, gambling, or oil companies or religious organizations. That’s a hard position to take, because it’s a big group, and they’re the people with the money to buy you—to buy your virginity. You can’t imagine how much money I’ve lost because of it. But I shall not change. Second, the project has to be good not just for me and the client but also for the final user. When you work for that human profit, you will have success. Third, I have to fall in love with the client. If you want beautiful children, the parents must be in love
  • read more

    Needed a Jolt to remember that Health is the Real Wealth and not Stocks & the Sensex !

    Truly Remember Guys that Real Wealth is Your Health & Not Stocks or the Sensex !…..God Help you if your Health & Wealth & Life’s Graph depends on the Latter’s Graphs !

    Got a Personal Jolt yesterday on this that prompted this post ~ suspect the cause to be a Food Issue that gave me a harrowing two hours at midday that required a full day’s rest and fortunately this is the weekend ~ lucky to have loyal support personnel who quickly attended before even Family  ~ but the thought went out to the plight of millions who simply have to fend for themselves daily and therefore simply cannot afford to fall ill ! ~ and God help them should they face any serious Health Issues !

    So Please ensure Good Health by living and eating well and please do get Adequate Medical Insurance for Self and Family

    Urban Life is getting increasingly Urban and Stressed ~ Simple Daily Routines involve Increasing Noise & Air  & I daresay People Polution that can get to you

    When was the last time you actually felt your bare foot on green grass and the morning dew !? ~ when was the last time you heard Sparrows chirping !? ~ Do make it a habit to get up early ~ pray ~ meditate~ just enjoy the rare urban silence early morning ~ it will speak sweetly and soothly to you ~ at least go for a half an hour morning or evening stroll in a nearby park or garden or the seaface if it’s nearby

    Get Plants into your House and tend to them lovingly ~ keep grains and water out and you’ll get birds` parrots and pigeons and sparrows and even crows ~ and even squirrels coming in daily ! ~these are my pets now  ! and I cannot have breakfast before they have theirs !

    And get a Good Night’s sleep every night by checking if you suffer from sleep apnea problems and attending to this with professional medical advice ~switch off your mobiles and TV Sets max by 10 pm……Forget IPL & dont let Arnab and  his Panelists on Times Now  provoke you as they assault your senses,though they are doing a great job highlighting scams without Fear or Favour~if it’s really urgent ,all your near and dear ones would have your landline number anyway

    In the last one month have had two  friends,both 50, who were jolted with cardiac trouble,one felt a stroke coming up and was driven straight  to the nearest hospital and discovered heavily clogged arteries and has got two angios done over a month~ the other was overseas and actually suffered a stroke and on an emergency basis was first immediately hospitalised and then later flown from one country to another for better attention before finally flying back to India ~ Thankfully they are recovering well read more

    Suzlon Energy @ Rs 14 ~ Gone with the Wind ! Now back with CDR !?

    Suzlon Energy @ Rs 14 ~ Gone with the Wind ! Now back with CDR !?

    Market Cap & Networth are now both @ Rs 2500 crs levels with Share Price and Book Value @ Rs 14

    Post IPO  some years ago the Market Cap had surged to Rs 50000 crs ! making Billions for Citibank & Chrys Capital and the Government of Singapore who had cornered Shares a year or two Pre IPO and issued two liberal Bonus Issues before  Citigroup  guided  an obscene IPO Pricing of over Rs 500 with vague Objects to the Issue  to leverage on the bullish craze at the time

    Check out Scrip Watch Coverage on

    Suzlon @ Rs 14~Gone With the Wind ! Now back with CDR ? ~ 25-Apr-2013

    Anyone for going Long on SuzLon !?

    Cheers !

    On this Mahavir Jayanthi reaffirm to live a Noble Life

    Lord Mahavir

    Wishing all of you a Joyous Mahavir Jayanti and do reaffirm to Live a Noble Life

    Practice ,not just Believe in

    • Living a Life of Absolute Truthfulness & Honesty
    • Austerity
    • Humility
    • Taking Full Responsibility for all your Actions
    • Donating in Kind & Knowledge
    • Not Harming even a Fly
    • Three Fold Path of Right Conduct,Right Faith and Right Knowledge
    • Meditation
    • Respecting and Taking Care of the Elderly
    • Mentoring  & Guiding the Youth of Today to Think & Live Right to Create a Better Today & Tomorrow

    As Moliere so well put it ” It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do” 

    Praying for all of Mankind this Day……..

    Reliance Communication on Fire ! Opened at Rs 87.10 and touched a High of Rs 100.05 on BSE ! Why were upper circuits revised twice from 2.30 pm !?

    Had indicated on April 4,2013 and later in an addendum on April 8,2013 that RCom had little downside and would move up ~ It was Rs 65 on April 8,2013 and touched Rs 100 + inside a fortnight today !

    Ambani Brothers seal a Rs 1200 cr deal between two of their Reliance companies~ elder taking advantage of the weaker younger

    Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

    Reliance Communication on Fire Today ! Opened at Rs 87.10 and touched a High of Rs 100.05 on BSE ! ~The Share Price simply began zooming past Rs 90 on heavy volumes after 2.30 pm to reach Rs 100.05 on BSE ~ As we close NSE Volumes are near 61 million while BSE Volumes have crossed 17.3 million from under 7 million at 2.30 pm with Average Trading Price over Rs 92 ~ Last Tdae on NSE was at Rs 97.75 and on BSE at Rs 97.45

    Don’t Chase the Story and Play the Game where the remote control is not held by you ! !

    But why were upper circuits revised twice from 2.30 pm !? ~ to facilitate further heavy buying and raising price by Insiders ! ? or to give a chance for exit to those who had shorted !? ~ On  inquiring with the BSE Surveillance Department why the Circuits were revised twice after 2.30 pm first from Rs 94 to Rs 99 and then to Rs 103.30 after 2.30 pm ,the guy gave this reason ” because RCom is in F & O there are no circuits !” and on conveying fear that there was clear indication of Insider Trading  with orchestrated heavy abnormal buying from 2.30 pm this is what he exclaimed and disconnected ” No ! No! This is all I can tell you!”

    Exchanges and SEBI need to investigate…..

    Clearly Insiders were at play ! ~ probably they  know of a Deal that has happened but yet has to be announced (Read RCom notification to BSE below) ~ They had already began the Integration of Reliance and RCom Teams a year ago before they actually made the announcement for ‘Jio’ as linked above

    BSE Website shows this post at 8.18 am this morning

    Reliance Communications Ltd has informed BSE that:

    “We note recent reports in the press and confirm that Samena Capital, in a proposed Consortium with certain other global PE funds, is at an advanced stage of the process of due diligence and completion of definitive documents in relation to the acquisition of Reliance Globalcom Ltd., our global communications services business unit.

    The intended time line for completion is end of May 2013.

    At this point, there can be no certainty that this will lead to a transaction. A further announcement will be made in due course, if and when appropriate.

    RCOM and Samena Capital are no longer in discussions with Batelco for the purposes of the above transaction.” read more

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