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June 2013

Mercator @ Rs 11.40 & Tata Sponge Iron @ Rs 280~Both at near 52 Week Lows

Mercator @ Rs 11.40  & Tata Sponge Iron @ Rs 280~Both are at near 52 Week Lows 

Mercator’s Tagline is ‘Renewed Spirit ~ Sustained Commitment’ ~ Really !?

Tata Sponge Iron’s Tagline is a muted dignified ‘Inner Resilience’ ~ Indeed!

Check out SCRIP WATCH Module coverage of these two posted today on my company website  and linked below

A Frightening & Fateful Week passed with Ecological and Economic Distress

A Frightening & Fateful Week passed with Ecological and Economic Distress

Helpless in the Himalayas as Nature’s Fury takes a Frightening Toll on Lives and Livelihood 

Our Prayers continue for our Countrymen as Nature’s Fury Rained Down and Flowed Past like never before  rendering us Helpless in the Himalayas with  Rudraprayag hit the most and the Holy Town of Kedarnath under deluge

The Loss of Life will be in the Thousands while Loss of Livelihood will be for many many more

Army & Airforce Rescue Operations are on Day & Night to evacuate the over 80000 stranded at various Places as Road Routes have been blocked by Landslides or even destroyed where Portions have been swept away by the Waters

RBI & US Fed keep rates unchanged but QE 3 Tapering Hint by Ben Bernanke spooks Global Markets

Last Week on Monday, RBI kept Rates  and Ratios unchanged ~ there was no room

On Wednesday the US Fed announced no change in the Fed Rate  ~ this was expected ~but hinted at tapering off the QE 3 Asset Purchase Programme ~ this was a concern that was confirmed and it spooked Global Markets

Our Prayers continue for our Country,India too,as our Currency,the Rupee continues declining and has now reached Rs 60 to the US $ as FIIs sold off  and reallocated over US $ 4.5 billion of Indian Rupee Debt ~Our FM told us not to worry at Rs 40 ~ yet again at Rs 50 ~ and now reiterates this assurance at Rs 60! ~ We are now past worrying !

Check these interesting posts this week on the Scrip Standpoint Module on

Apollo Tyres buying out Cooper ~ NMDC ~ MOIL

Check out the coverage of these  Scrips posted in the week on my company website under the Scrip Watch Module

Hope the Coming Week will be Positive and we hear of heroic  rescue and survival tales from the affected Himalayan Region and that our Rupee and Sensex ,both stabilise ~ the Sensex closed the week at 18700 levels ~down 2% from the earlier week  ~lower than even post budget closing levels of February 28,2013 when it slipped 2% on that day itself

Too Good a Wet Weekend to stay Indoors !


It’s too good a wet weekend to stay Indoors !

Of course I share the concern of those who have to overcome traffic jams and flooding and leaking roofs and ceilings and ‘catching the cold and flu’ and  those stuck on roads,stations and airports ~ all  due to this inclement weather

But Now you’re Home and Indoors this Weekend  and  can catch your breath and sense the Romance of the Rains ! ~ This should Inspire you to Simply Ad-venture out !

Alright so Petrol has moved up by Rs 2 a litre at midnight on the sharp Rupee Decline last week   ~ so go out and at least take a walk in the neighbourhood !

Remember Weightloss & Petrol Prices are inversely co related

And Today is also Fathers Day !  and as a Friend reminded on fb that :

“The greatest thing a FATHER can do to his children, is to love their mother. – Anjaneth Garcia Untalan”

I do !

But when I warned her that if she does not come out this instant with me to Romance (in) the Rains there are other Mothers ! she replied without batting an eyelid ” So,Go Father a Child !”

Cheers !

Scrip Standpoint for the Week ending June 14 2013

Those interested in Sensex &  Scrip & Sentiment ,Inflation,Rupee Decline & FII Flows Impact Coverage can check out our  weekly communication

Scrip Standpoint for the Week ending June 14, 2013  ~ This is posted in our Free Access Module Scrip Standpoint on our website

Have covered Many Scrips like VST Tillers Tractors @ Rs 384,JM Financial @ Rs 28 ,PFC @ Rs 172 and Comparison of Pressure Cooker Companies  TTK Prestige & Hawkins & Butterfly in the Free Module Scrip Watch which has the weblinks in the above or one can go direct to the post on Free Access Scrip Watch Module on the Website

Have also covered the plunges in Sun Pharma (Clients were pre-advised on June 6,2013  in Paid Network Noise Module  to buy Puts to hedge if held or even speculate ),Apollo Tyres,Jindal Steel & Power and Tata Coffee

A lovely way to enter a Pouring Sunday with India beating  Pakistan in ODI Cricket in a truncated consequential inconsequential rain affected Champions Trophy Group B Match and then Brazil whipping Japan 3-0 in the opening Match of the FIFA Confederations Cup in the rebuild Stadium in Capital City Brasilia with billed as ‘the next wonder’ Neymar in the No 10 Jersey scoring in the third minute to end a Goal drought in previous nine consecutive games ! ~ he’s transfering from Santos to Barcelona this year in a 57 Million Euro Move ~ Imagine Messi and Neymar up front for Barcelona !

Cheers !

A Smaller Apollo Tyres of India to buy out a Bigger Cooper of USA ~ Foolish or Fantastic !?

A Smaller Apollo Tyres of India to buy out a Bigger Cooper of USA ~ Foolish or Fantastic !? Market thinks it’s Foolish as it dropped Apollo down over 25% !

The Deal Size announced is US $ 2.5 Billion ~ Apollo Tyres Share Price took a massive beating on Thursday losing over one fourth of it’s Market Cap by closing over 25% down at Rs 68.60 ( Rs 1 FV)  from Previous Day Closing of Rs 92 on BSE  with Trading Volumes at over 8 million shares and over ten times the  Two week Average before considering  this Thursday abnormal Volume

Market Cap is down to Rs 3457 Crs or @ US % 591 m at Exchange Rate of Rs 58.41 to the US $

So an interesting perspective is that Apollo Tyres with a Market Cap of under US $ 600 m is taking over Cooper at US $ 2.5 Billion ~ that’s  nearly  five times Market Cap

Foolish or Fantastic !?

So is Apollo Tyres a Buying Opportunity at @ Rs 69 !?

Economic Times headlines Congress Minister Mr Rajeev Shukla and his Influential Business Links

Headline in Economic Times this morning caught my eye where they have presented Mr Rajeev Shukla as a Man in Many Roles and his Business Interests  with Reliance Group,Shah Rukh Khan and IndiaBulls

Rajeev Shukla: Meet the minister, networker & businessman 

Also observed many Reader Comments were not complimentary of Mr Shukla

This triggered off a Memory of Insider Trading in 2007 ~Nothing Personal against Mr Shukla ,don’t know him, never have spoken to him or met him  ~ but in 2007 had advised  Clients to exit Bag Films,promotedby Mr Shukla and his Wife, on Corporate Governance Issues that revolved around Suspected Insider Trading

This is what had transpired two years ago in January 2007 and there has been no Investigation or clarification,either by BSE or by SEBI,despite their awareness.

Promoters,Chairperson & Managing Director,Anurradha Prasad and Director, Rajiv Shukla purchased shares of BAG Films on Jan 3,8 and 9,2007 before the Board Meeting on Jan 15,2007 to consider preferential allotment at Rs 13 to Sameer Gehlaut (promoter of IndiaBulls).Aggregate of 611283 shares were picked up,with the bulk of 567583 done so by Mr Shukla.These shares had been picked up from secondary market purchases between Rs 9.16 and Rs 12.45

On Jan 17,2007, BSE uploads their notice for the preferential allotment on the website

Price on Jan 17,2007 crossed Rs 20 and closed around Rs 19  …Price had doubled inside two weeks and volumes exploded.From the January 2007 high of Rs 23,the share price zoomed to a high of Rs 104.90 in the same year in November 2007

Those who suffered are the poor sellers in the first ten days of January 2007 at these prices of Rs 9.16 to Rs 12.45 as they were unaware of  what was unfolding!

 Ironically the company had send BSE notices for the promoter acquisition under  Regulation 13 (6) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992  and BSE site shows these uploaded on Jan 10 and Jan 15,2007


Then from 2008 to 2012 had blogged several times on Mr Shukla’s business links with Shah Rukh Khan and IndiaBulls and others

IndiaBulls Group is BILKING INDIA say Veritas ! ~ There’s more than Meets the Eyes on both sides !

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

I’m inclined to side with Shah Rukh Khan …v/s MCA which has proposed a 5 year ban on him to enter Wankhede Stadium…and why IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla may too just side with him !

Friday, May 18th, 2012

IPL Cricket Stink…providing a link to some bluntness

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

B.A.G. Films and Media Ltd back to under Rs 13 from just under Rs 105…It had never deserved to shoot up like this! read more

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