What an Amusing Paradox ~ the Indian Government is feeding the Poor with One Hand and the Foreigner with another !

It was a day that Supreme Court livened up by paving the way for Dance Bars to be reopened in Mumbai !

What an Amusing Paradox ~ the Indian Government is feeding the Poor with One Hand and the Foreigner with another !

The Government just passed a Food Security Ordinance that will cost Rs 124000 crs every year ,that’s US $ 21 billion ~ and the government says this will benefit 85 crore of the 120 crore Indian Population

And today it has been forced to enhance and open out Foreign Direct Investment Caps  in many sectors ~ Just a matter of coincidence that last year the FDI Flow was just @ US $ 20 billion

Sad ! ~Our Weakening Rupee is weakening us ~ Why should it be weakened in the first place !

Sad !  ~that a Nation that’s boasts Advances in Nuclear,Space,IT Services and even the White and Green Revolutions in Agriculture has been bullied and blackmailed and is forced to go down on it’s knees to play servile to overseas influences with vested Indian Interests

There is simply a terrible and deliberate Bad Governance and Policy Paralysis  on Serious and destabilising Issues of  Economy,Security and Social  Matters

This is a Government for the Rich,by the Rich and of the Rich ! ~ Crony Capitalism and Corruption at it’s best or worst ! ~ it clears Jet-Etihad Deal in days but in so many years it cannot fathom out effective measures and decisions on how to control spiralling Food Inflation that affects 120 crore Indians .It has failed on all fronts except raising the levels of Corruptions so that now every Indian knows there are seven ‘Zeroes’ in One Crore and ten ‘Zeroes’ in Thousand Crores and twelve ‘Zeroes’ in One lakh Crores !

And 120 crore Indians are literally paying the price ! ~ Retail Inflation Fangs have been out for years now biting into  us ~ My Wife asserts it’s cheaper me to work from Home ! ~ I tell her let Petrol cross Rs 100 per litre first !

Ironically to protect our asset values we have to consider US $ Investments ! ~ and even Gold ! ~ but the Government urges us not to buy Gold so that India can reduce it’s Current Deficit !

And any Indian with any self pride,self dignity and self esteem and a true patriot to boot cannot  help but lose his or her mind and get bitterly angry at the stupid Government idiots who keep parading on TV News & Business Channels raising their voices,and not their arguments,  and getting personal with the opposition and trying to defend the Government read more