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June 2, 2015

Is US Equity Overvalued?~Shiller vs Siegel~Roubini & Grantham bearish

I have always held  both Nobel Prize Winner & Yale Professor Robert Shiller and  Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel in high regard on their macro views on the US Economy  and have quoted them often over the years

Their latest take on whether US Equities are overvalued pits these friends against each other.

S & P 500 is at 2100 levels and the Dow is at 18000

Shiller is concerned based on the low Valuation Confidence Index Measure on his Survey of Individual & Institutional Investors on whether they think US Equities are overvalued.The Index is at levels never seen since 2000.This low Conficence in the Market Valuation is symtomatic of a Bubble but there is no data to support this yet.It is prudent to save and diversify

Siegel on the other hand  remains bullish over the medium term and says that such high equity valuations are justified in an era of low interest rates and they are nowhere near Bubble territory

However they both agree that Bonds are overvalued though stop short of calling them in Bubble Mode

Interestingly here are some other prominent doomsayers

Dr ‘Doom’ Nouriel Roubini just stated “Market illiquidity will eventually trigger a bust and collapse”¬†

Here’s what another Jeremy ¬†but a hugely bearish one ~ Jeremy Grantham of ¬†GMO proclaimed last year

Grantham of GMO say the next Bust will be Nothing Like You Have Seen Before !

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Interestingly Grantham ¬†opined in March 2014 as above that the S & P 500 may yet go higher to @ 2350 levels as the crash has historically come at an average of ¬†@ two standard deviations from the mean…..we are 10% away from this level yet¬†

For those interested in assessing the consistency in views here are  my  past blogpost links to Robert Shiller

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