Lovely Wednesday Novena Sermon at St Michael Church Mahim

Mahim Novena

Keeping the Faith

Accompanied by my Loving Wife,we attended the 5 pm Lovely Wednesday Novena Sermon at St Michael Church Mahim yesterday

We do the first Nine Novena Wednesdays in the Year but were forced to skip a few due to emergency medical exigencies in the family

The Priest was in his element reminding us that during these 40 days of Lent it is a good time for :

REALISATION ~ An Easy way to realise is to do so through Acronym START ~ S-Stop making Excuses T-Take Inventory of your Life A – Act R-Refocus Energies T- Trust in the Lord

REPENTENCE ~ this is not just to feel sorry for your actions but to actually change for the better

RENEWAL ~ Renew your Vows with God~ like the young child who’s grandfather  makes him do repeated  errands to fill water in a cane basket but each time he comes back empty as the water drains out….grandfather reveal to the child that you were concentrating on the water rather than the basket….see how everytime the water had cleansed the basket ….likewise everytime you confess to God for your actions and beg forgiveness,more you will feel cleansed

Prayed for All Family & Friends & Self  for Contentment & Good Health & Feeling Safe & having the Strength to overcome any Strife