Featured in the Outlook Business as one of Top 10 Market Experts with my Stock Pick for 2015


Feature as one of Top 10 Market Experts  in the Special Outlook Business Issue of January 9,2015 with my Stock Pick for 2015 

Gaurav Parikh in the Outlook Business January 9,2015


Update on January 21,2015

ūüėé ¬†How Cool is this !

Top Pick for 2015 Shemaroo @ Rs 159 has closed up today on 20% upper circuit at Rs 239.80 giving a 51% return inside a month ! and some more tomorrow surely ! after a good Q3FY 15 announced yesterday

Hope you guys got some !

‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !

‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !

As with all Shah Rukh Khan Starrers there is great pre movie hype and publicity that raises great expectations

Saw it ¬†one late night a few days ago and was thankful wasted less at Regal than one of those ‘loot’ multiplexes…though the seats are not that comfortable and offer only a slight automatic recline that those who wish to sit straight up detest and the whole row shakes when one laughs out loud or rumbles too much in their seat….so on the other hand actually maybe I could have reclined well in those voluptuous multiplex seats and slept through the movie !

Are we ,as a nation, so desensitized to be thrown one senseless top star movie after another and actually enjoy them as entertainment for the masses !

Shah Rukh Khan ,may be energetic ,but looks old…..Saving Grace is Abhishek Bachhan & Deepika Padukone…and to some extent Dubai Dolphins and the ‘Atlantis’ though I sense Indians are fast moving on and less awed by such grandeur

And I was horrified to see young parents with their five,six or seven year old kids actually jumping in their seats in front on some slapstick comedy or crude dialogue !…though I concede there are one or two howling moments with Abhishek,not when he’s vomiting though !…..and should kids innocence be killed at this tender age ¬†when exposed to vulgar ,especially gay,innuendos and lusty song and dance !

And the Movie is breaking Collection Records !…crossing even Dhoom 3 and raking in Rs 108 crs in the first three days !…Brands like Nokia and others have paid @ Rs 30 crs !…that’s big money…. to be featured in the movie in a scene or even in the dialogue

So Gauri & Shah Rukh Khan & Red Chillies will be laughing their way to the Bank once more….who cares for Sense when Millions can be made from Nonsense !¬†

God Save India !

Or am I a Prude ! ?


Shemaroo Entertainment @ Rs 171 fails to Entertain on listing

Had strongly adviced to skip the Issue

Shemaroo Entertainment ~ IPO @ Rs 155-170 ~ Avoid Applying in this IPO

Extract from above link

“Don’t get seduced by the Grey Market Premium of @ Rs 40 and the 10% discount to Retail Investors on the Issue Price that will be fixed and by prominent anchor investors involved….¬†We advice you to give this IPO a Miss”

The IPO Price was fixed at the top end of Rs 170 …..Retail Investors were allotted at Rs 153 after the 10% discount offered to them

The IPO was subscribed 7.39 times with bids received for 4.22 crore shares, compared with 57.20 lakh shares on offer.

The qualified institutional buyers’ (QIBs) category was subscribed 5.69 times, non institutional investors’ category was subscribed 8.64 times and retail individual investors’ (RIIs) category was subscribed 7.79 times.

Given the risks involved I wonder how the grey market Pre IPO premium of Rs 40 was created !?

Surely all the IPO Applicants must have had Stag Intent and to sell on listing !?

Except for Retail Allotees who yet have this 10% gains margin on yesterday’s debut closing price of Rs 170,all the others have no margin

Not confident of the Price moving to Rs 200 and beyond

Perhaps Retail Investors need to consider to book this 10% …the bigger guys can decide for themselves

Update on October 12,2014

The Share Price is now down to Rs 154 levels wiping off the 10% gains margin that Retail Allottees had courtesy of the 10% discount on the IPO price of Rs 1870 given to them

The Company’s Investor Relations Guy had read my above post and connected with me inquiring that if I was right then what explains HDFC Mutual Fund,the Anchor Investor,also buying 250000 Shares in a Bulk Deal on listing Day October 1,2014 at Rs 174.60

This is how the conversation had gone…..

  • So why are reputed investors like Hdfc buying even as anchor, in qib and on listing day more? Is there Something fundamentally missing that the retail community is not understanding? I think so…
  • ¬†Me :¬†¬†You’re assuming HDFC is wise…maybe…they are convinced and seek a certain exposure …that’s the beauty of Equities…always a Buyer and a Seller…but as of now and at this price I don’t see fundamental value in it…running it up otherwise is of course another play…..we all have our risk profiles…I suppose each to his own counsel…Cheers ! ūüôā¬†
  • ¬†¬†Dear Gaurav ji, we manage shemaroos Investor Relations, would love to meet you and understand your concerns and address them and explain you the fundamentals of their business and strategy before you make a judgement on their fundamentals….¬†

Have yet to hear him explain the fundamentals and strategy of Shemaroo to me…and if convinced will showcase them to all of you

Update on October 17,2014

The Young Gentlemen who manages Investor Relations for Shemaroo and who had connected with me recently as above came and met me on the evening of October 14,2014…he was very passionate about Shemaroo and their business potential going forward as with their huge library content they were poised to exploit digital platforms and also purchase rights for second and third cycles of newer movies ¬†at cheaper cost

Incidentally HDFC Mutual Fund bought another huge lot of 175000 shares from Ashoka PTE on October 10,2014 @ Rs 152.25 on NSE…earlier they had bought 450000 shares,364788 ¬†of them from Morgan Stanley too on day of Listing at @ Rs 177.04 ¬†on NSE ¬†and also done a Bulk Deal on BSE too same day as stated in the October 12,2014 update ¬†above….Both Ashoka PTE and Morgan Stanley Mauritius must be IPO Allotees at Rs 170 as they do not appear in the Prospectus as Shareholders and clearly appear to be Stag Funds with Mandate to sell on Listing or a few days within Listing !….makes me wonder if this was ¬†an arrangement and exercise planned ¬†pre IPO ¬†and actioned during IPO and on Listing between these allottees and HDFC MF read more

Saw Salman Khans KICK on Idd Night and then needed to be Kick Started !

Saw Salman Khan’s KICK on Idd Night ….Mindboggling….actually the Mind Boggled !….and needed to be Kick Started !

Inox Multiplex at Nariman Point ,Mumbai was relatively empty….they need to reduce their Ticket rates….but if you think the Multiplex attracts only the Elite…think again….the row behind was occupied by one ¬†who was discussing his Police Cases & FIRs in Hindi Slang with another similar who he bumped into in the Interval…not even in whispers

…….quite understand Salman Khan in the movie when he asserts “mujko samajh ne ki koshish ne kar…Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin”…as he moves from Devi Lal Singh to becoming Devil all for a noble cause of orphaned children !

….Wife Nergis was wondering where was Nargis Fakhri in the movie !…had to tell her she was the item girl in the item song….she was then wondering where was Jacqueline Fernandez !?…told her she was ‘Dr Psycho’ and the other item girl in the other item song…scintillating solo though !

….so what’s with this Female casting ! ? Bollywood attracts…Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan while Nargis Fakhri is an American of Pakistani descent (Father’s a Pakistani & Mother’s a Czech ) though has never been to Pakistan

…. interval was longer than the first half as Multiplex Chain needs to make some Revenues through endless Ads and F & B Sales……though wife & I enjoyed their Rs 99 ‘Simply Baked Potatoes’…comes in six variations…had to have coke …first time in a year !….because they sell only 4XL Mineral Water Bottles and I did not have a strolley with me !

…the ¬†4 & 5 Star Ratings for ‘Kick’ from some Film Critics in leading Media deserve a ‘Kick’….. but then the ‘Bhai’ does take care of them ! even if he shrugs “Who Cares !”

So what was good about ‘Kick’!?….well for one,Salman’s line above…and for another,Jacqueline Fernandez’ scintillating sexy solo in an item song…and I quite liked the cameo villan’s role enacted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui….very good actor

….and it’s broken collection records grossing Rs 93 crs in it’s first weekend !…definition of a ‘Super Hit’ coming along when it grosses over Rs 200 crs soon !

….that my friends is the state of India’s mindset !….all necessities….Onions & Tomatoes & Salman Khan Movies !….we crib on inflating prices of the former but pay Multiplex Money and say ‘paisa vasool’ to watch the latter get a ‘Kick’ & ¬†appeal to our heart while destroying our mind unless we haven’t any or have left it at home ! read more

Kangana Ranaut as Queen is Good…real Good

Kangana Ranaut

Saw ‘Queen’ last evening at Inox Nariman Point…enjoyed the Movie

…the Multiplex wore a deserted look on a late Friday evening…A Family Movie outing here for a few hours is worth a Full Petrol Tank which lasts a Week at least !…and don’t be lured by the ‘Refuel’ ¬†guys always thrusting all Veg Menus onto you….if you do,just stop at ordering what you really want and don’t be lured by the extra that they will ask you,like which sauce etc…they are extra and cost extra…..and always ask for the Bill and check it and the change ….or else you’re encouraging them to pocket the Monies…and do ask them,if they have not already, to give you the nice imported handy blue packets of ‘Tempo’ ~the hygenic hand tissues…they’re free !

However,this is not about ‘Tempo’ and the Expensive Food & Drinks at the Inox Screens…This is a quick review of ‘Queen’

Kangana Ranaut has excelled in the Lead Role as ‘Rani Mehra’ ¬†aka ‘Queen’...moving seamlessly from being Rani from Rajouri to introducing herself as ¬†‘Myself Queen” ¬†in Europe

It’s a Bold Movie...wonder how it’s screened with a UA rather than A Certification…..or am I out of cue with this Generation…!? shows the darker,sleazy,spicy side of ¬†the Lives that Young Women lead to fend for themselves and their Family…drink,being paid for sex,drugs,smoking and partying at night clubs are all a routine part of their lives….but no judgments or moral sermons in the movie …and that’s the best part

From a Planned Existence to a Liberated One…… Rani Mehra is jilted by Vijay Dhingra ~ a ¬†stereotype possessive ,status conscious,arrogant and selfish Delhi ¬†‘Mom & Dad’s Boy’ played convincingly by Rajkummar Rao, just before their wedding…..he’s an Engineer in London and ¬†follows her to Paris and Amsterdam after she sends him a mobile pic from Paris of her in a stunning dress….he wants her back….that’s a test of her liberated self….she even hugs him not once but twice in the end for jilting her and which opened out a whole new liberated world for her……she decides to go off for the planned ¬†‘Honeymoon’ on her own to Paris and Amsterdam…she has always dreamed of Foreign Lands….here she transforms into ‘Queen’ discovering the Existence and Life that Everyday People Live and Let Live and have Fun too….Strangers become ¬†Friends who she accepts and they accept her in return for who they all really are….No Judgements….she discovers her liberated self and that Life is to be lived …influenced by, and I liked the wanton and liberated character that Lisa Haydon plays as, ‘Vijaylakshmi’…lives Life on her Terms…and is basically a good Human Being…The Character of Olexander too leaves a mark read more

Enjoyed the Entertaining Show of the Mentalist Lior Suchard last evening at NCPA

Enjoyed the Entertaining Show of the Mentalist Lior Suchard last evening at Tata Theatre ¬†NCPA….reached early for the 4.30 pm extra show and eagerly awaited the beginning with childlike anticipation…was with an even more excited wife and daughter and her friend

He’s a Funny Guy with a great sense of humour and timing…..90 minutes of non stop high octane action…..projected as a mentalist and a supernatural entertainer his act is a combination of tricks ( knew one of them ) and sleight of hand and some mentalist stuff

Good Presentation and Interaction with the audience and it was a  good evening spend post which we had the famous cold coffee at NCPA remembering my Dad who loved Cold Coffee and whose birthday too it was yesterday and he would have been 84 if alive

It was Houseful with Front Row Tickets at Rs 7500 and the last Row at Rs 1000….if you got to go,then go for the Cheaper Tickets !…not worth the first few front Rows Cost !…or better still get invited on their guest list by the organisers…one ¬†show today at 8 pm at St Andrews,Bandra

This is the third time Lior Suchard has come to India and we seem to never get enough of him

Cheers and have a great Sunday