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Scrip Standpoint for the Week ending June 14 2013

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Scrip Standpoint for the Week ending June 14, 2013  ~ This is posted in our Free Access Module Scrip Standpoint on our website www.jsalphaa.com

Have covered Many Scrips like VST Tillers Tractors @ Rs 384,JM Financial @ Rs 28 ,PFC @ Rs 172 and Comparison of Pressure Cooker Companies  TTK Prestige & Hawkins & Butterfly in the Free Module Scrip Watch which has the weblinks in the above or one can go direct to the post on Free Access Scrip Watch Module on the Website

Have also covered the plunges in Sun Pharma (Clients were pre-advised on June 6,2013  in Paid Network Noise Module  to buy Puts to hedge if held or even speculate ),Apollo Tyres,Jindal Steel & Power and Tata Coffee

A lovely way to enter a Pouring Sunday with India beating  Pakistan in ODI Cricket in a truncated consequential inconsequential rain affected Champions Trophy Group B Match and then Brazil whipping Japan 3-0 in the opening Match of the FIFA Confederations Cup in the rebuild Stadium in Capital City Brasilia with billed as ‘the next wonder’ Neymar in the No 10 Jersey scoring in the third minute to end a Goal drought in previous nine consecutive games ! ~ he’s transfering from Santos to Barcelona this year in a 57 Million Euro Move ~ Imagine Messi and Neymar up front for Barcelona !

Cheers !

Fixing in Football ~ Horse Racing ~ Cricket ~ Cycling ~ Tennis ~ Olympics ~ Libor ~Stock Markets !?

Fixing in Football ~ Horse Racing ~ Cricket  ~ Cycling ~ Tennis ~ OlympicsLibor Rate

What about Stock Market Fixing !? ~ Nah ! It’s a rhetoric question !

Just Like when Footballers deliberately lose Matches ~Just Like when Horses are not allowed to run on Merit by the Jockeys ~ Just Like Spot Fixing in Cricket ~Just Like Steroids and Banned Drugs being taken by Competitors across Sports  for that  Unfair Advantage ~Just Like Tennis players throw matches for money~  Just like Olympic Athletes dope to outperform and win medals ~ Just Like influencing Libor Rate Setting to take leveraged profitable positions on consequent trends

So it is in Stock Exchanges  for that Unfair Advantage ! ~ Insider Trading ~ Stocks being allowed to run beyond merit ~Selective Punishment ~ Circular Trading ~Biased IPO Gradings ~ High Frequency Trading making a mockery of Research & Fairplay

ABBA Song says it all :

“I wouldn’t have to work at all, I’d fool around and have a ball…

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world “

Till you’re caught ,that is !

Why Football is Life and vice versa on Planet Earth ! ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible goal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Human side and Mesmerising Messi are inspiring

Why Football is Life and vice versa on Planet Earth ! ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible goal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Human side are inspiring ~ Both are Living and Currently Playing Legends along with Mesmerising Messi

Swedish Player Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s  out of this world Goal

An ecstatic and shirtless Zlatan Ibrahimovic after scoring an incredible 30 yard Bicycle Kick Goal for Sweden against England

Just check out this incredible Ibrahimovic’s fourth goal ~ he scored all four !~ for Sweden in a friendly which they won 4-2 against England the other day

Brilliant ! Phenomenal !Fantastic ! Unbelievable ! Stunning! Magical! Impossible ! Inspiring!Out of this World ! Only Possible in a Video Game!…………Yet I would rate this 30 yard right foot  Ibrahimovic scissor kick into the English Goal only second to Argentinian Legend Diego Maradona’s brilliant run from the half line through four or five or six English Players to score a brilliant goal just after his infamous ‘Hand of God’ Goal against England in the 1986 World Cup 

Portugal’s Playing Legend Cristiano Ronaldo shows his Human Side as a Loving Father 

A Rare Smile from Cristiano Ronaldo

Football Superstar Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has been perceived as arrogant and petulant on the pitch and it may have cost him the coveted Ballon d’Or to Messi all the three times they were nominated head to head for it ~ Ronaldo did win the coveted Prize in 2008 when Messi was not nominated

But in an exclusive CNN Interview with the World Sport Anchor Pedro Pinto,Ronaldo opens out and reveals his human side saying it was the best thing in the world to have a kid and to get up to see him and hear him say “Daddy”…he has even changed diapers though he prefers to shower his two year old and pour shampoo and conditioner on his hair ~ it’s more fun !  

Ronaldo should smile more Often says CNN’s Pedro Pinto

So who will win the Ballon d’Or this January 2013 ~ Messi or Ronaldo !? Both have had a glorious 2012 scoring record number of winning goals

For Me it’s Mesmerising  & Magical Messi ~ I’m a great Fan of his ! just love to watch him dance and weave through the Opposition and score or set up goals   ~ even though the CNN Interview and Pedro Pinto’s great comments for Ronaldo have softened me a bit for Ronaldo !

What about You Guys !? Who’s your Favourite ?

You dig Tapas or Tiramisu ? Paella or Pizza ? Sangria or Spaghetti? Flamenco or Fusilli ?~ Euro 2012 Finals this Sunday ~ Spain vs Italy

Euro 2012 Finals this Sunday ~ Spain vs Italy

You dig Tapas or Tiramisu ? Paella or Pizza ? Sangria or Spaghetti? Flamenco or Fusilli ?

~ As for me

For Food ~ Italian 100% !

For Football ~ Spain 100% !

~love all Veg food that’s Italian ~Tiramisu,Pizza,Pasta ( all of them from Spaghetti to Farfalle to Fusilli to Tagliatelle to Penne) and even the Cannelloni,Lasagne,Gnochhi,Risotto and Ravioli

~ but also dig Spain’s Sangria and the beautiful fiery swirling gowned Flamenco Dancers with their castanets  !

~ but being a Bull I’m going to stay away from those  Spanish Matadors and Picadors !

“Oh this year i’m off to Sunny Spain

Y Viva Espana

I’m taking the Costa Brava ‘plane

Y Viva Espana

If you’d like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana

And meet senoritas by the score, Espana por favor “

So this Sunday I’m going to eat Italian and Cheer Spain !

Viva Espana !

Viva Espania ! ~ Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spain in Euro 2012 Finals ! just beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties !

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spain in Euro 2012 Finals ! just beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties !

Spain gives no chance to Ronaldo to take the Final Portugal penalty !!!! ~ Deserving winners are Spain though they should have won at least 2-0 in Normal time and definitely in extra time~ wonder why Spain did not play Torres at all today ! ~ and Spain took a risk by making their three substitutions before 30 min extra time began and thus sacrificed a pair of fresh legs in this crucial period while Portugal made their third substitution with ten minutes to go in extra time ! ~ Sunday Finals Spain v/s Germany or Italy!?

Both the Opening Penalties were saved

Then Iniesta,Ramos and Piquet ( Shakira’s guy) scored for Spain while Nani and Pepe scored for Portugal ~ IT was 3-2 for Spain ~ Then  Bruno Alves ,who took the fourth penalty for Portugal, hit the cross bar ! and Fabregas came in for the Fifth Penalty to score and make it 4-2 and take Spain to the Finals ! ~ Ronaldo was left stranded awaiting his Penalty shot ~ there was no need to take it !

Spain fluffed at least four great chances to score against Portugal~ How Iniesta missed scoring of a pass  it’s a wonder !  ~ his shot was saved in a reflex action by the goalkeeper ~ but he could have aimed wider in an open goal ! ~ was  scoreless even after extra time  ~ match was fast paced and rough too with several being booked a yellow card

Interestingly Spain opened with Negrido instead of Fabregas or Torres ~ Fabregas replaced Negrido though later in the second half

Tomorrow Germany take on Italy in the second Semis ~ I’m rooting for a Spain vs  Germany Finals on Sunday with Spain retaining their Euro Crown ! ~ They already are World Champions

It was amusing to see the crowd literally whistling loud to show their annoyance when Spain or Portugal resorted to quick short passes rather than some more direct play and long passes for quicker shots at the Goal

Thank God  Spain did not fluff the Penalties !

Viva Espania !

How about a Czech v/s Greece Euro 2012 Football Final ! ~ World’s Topsy Turvy anyway !

This is the Euro 2012 Football QF Draw ~ All matches on Neo Prime  at 12.15 am Indian Time

Thursday ,June 22
Czech Republic
Friday, June 23
Saturday,June 24
Sunday June 25
I was Hoping it would be  a  Defending Champions Spain v/s Portugal Final ! Both play entertaining and mesmerising Football ~  No wonder my fav Messi from Argentina chooses to play for Barcelona in the Spanish League ~ I hope World Champs and Defending Euro 2008 Champs Spain also win Euro 2012 !  ~ But Winner of QF 1 play Winner of QF 3 in SF 1 on Wednesday,June 27,2012 while Winner of QF 2 plays the Winner of QF 4 in SF 2 on Thursday,June 28,2012  So if Portugal and Spain win their QF Matches they will face each other in SF 1  with the winner going through to the Finals on Sunday,July 1,2012  Likewise we cannot have a Germany v/s England Final  for these two will clash in the SF 2 if they win their QF Matches So how about a Germany v/s  Spain Final or even a England v/s  Spain Final ! ?  The World’s Topsy Turvy ~ so you may just have a Czech v/s Greece Final !  ~ remember Greece won the Euro 2004 ! From just past Midnight tonight enjoy the final knockout stages of Euro 2012 ! Cheers !
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