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When My Mind Meanders…

Just a Reliance Power Thought for Anil Ambani as he forgoes Personal LPG Subsidy

The leadership Team of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group has opted to forego LPG Subsidy on the PM’s request for well to do people to do so to reduce the subsidy burden

This triggered  a thought without offence or malice for Anil Ambani to consider and addressed to him in first person :

Your Reliance Power Market Cap is Rs 16410 crs at Rs 58.50 with 75% held by you as Promoter and most at par.The Public hold just over 14% while the big guys FIIs and DIIs hold 11%

The Shares were allotted in a heavily record oversubscribed IPO to Retail Investors in January/February 2008  at Rs 427.50,after a 5% discount on IPO Price of  Rs 450 and within months of the IPO Listing company issued a 3:5 Bonus in May 2008 under pressure to reduce holding cost of  retail allottees to Rs 267.19 per share

I don’t know how many of the original allottees yet continue to retain faith and hope and  hold the share but your records can identify such

The Thought for what it’s worth :

Why don’t you,Mr Anil Ambani  emulate Richard Branson who bought back Virgin shares at cost from shareholders and went private again when the share price had tumbled  after listing ?

Branson committed 182.5 Million Pounds in 1988 for this and wrote about it in his inspiring book ” Screw it,Let’s Do It”

You,Mr Ambani ,have just committed thousands of crores by acquiring Pipavav Defence recently.

Can you commit some more for this =>Reliance Power Equity is @ Rs 2800 crs and Public(excluding FIIs & DIIs) hold only Rs 390 crs of it of which only a portion would be original allottees in your IPO  seven year ago in January 2008.Even assuming all are original allottees or you also wish to compensate those who sold out you would need Rs 10500 crs to to so at their cost of  Rs 267.19

Or you wish to quote your good friend Amitabh Bacchan’s father’s great quote  ” Joh Beeth Gayi woh Baat Gayi”   

No Offence and No Malice,Mr Ambani but in one stroke you would have redeemed for the Reliance Power fisaco

May not be a practical exercise but even voicing Intention can be a great step

Forbes put your latest 2015 real time networth at US  $ 3.7 B down considerably from the US $ 42 b in 2008 when Reliance Power IPO ‘hit’ the market

I’ve got a great feeling that committing US $ 1.5 B to play out this above thought in Reliance Power will catapult your worth in more ways than one in quick time….Reliance Power was willing to pay US $ 2 B for Power Plants of Jaiprakash Group in July 2014 in a deal that came apart….believe me that you will create a much higher value intangible asset immediately that will lead to higher tangible worth going forward if my thought is played out read more

BSE presents BIG cheque to PM for Swachh Bharat Kosh ~ How about a Swachh BSE Initiative!

Of course this is a symbolic BIG Cheque in Amount & Size but unsigned ! ?   🙂

Dr  S  Ramadorai, Chairman, BSE & Mr Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD & CEO, BSE presented a cheque of Rs 1.01 crs for Swachh Bharat Kosh to Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Now Dr Ramadorai & Mr Chauhan do start a ‘Swachh BSE ‘ Campaign….You may not need to or want to know but I can surely tell you with which listed company to start with at least on proper disclosures and quality notifications to the exchanges in the interest of Equity Investors who are Minority Shareholders  !

Willing to also come on Board to help you with this…Whatsay  BSE !?

Three As could end the World says Stephen Hawking…but I yet went to work !

This weekend my mind was engaged by the three ‘A’s that  world renowned Physicist,Stephen Hawking is worried could end this World ~ Artificial Intelligence,Apocalypse & Aliens !   …..I’ve always thought that ‘Derivatives’ would ! ,echoing Warren Buffett’s warning that  they were ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ ! 🙂

……yet I got up early today,Monday and no hangover and fully alive and  went to work  to begin another week ! :-)…even to see the Sensex drop further 66 points to close at 28438….does it matter in the scheme of things !?

My Point : Don’t wait for the World to End ! ~ Keep Doing & Keep Moving !

Have a great Week

Cheers !

Should I too demand PADMA !?

PADMA Awards ~ Wrestler Sushil Kumar has been recommended for it,Shuttler Saina Nehwal raised her voice for it and now Pugilist Vijender Singh too is demanding it

The Controversies over  the criteria and timing of recognition for awarding India’s highest civilian Honours continues….

In a lighter vein :

Me to Wife : Darling I think I too will seek PADMA ~ Sushil Kumar wrestled for it,Saina Nehwal shuttled for it and now Vijendra Singh is punching for it 

Wife : You can’t even manage me ,what you’ll manage PADMA !…moreover what have you achieved !? they  are all Sporting Celebrities

Me :  I may not be a Celebrity but I’m Sporting and have we not celebrated 25 years of togetherness ! ~ t’s a great achievement !

On a serious note :

These controversies arise because the recognition & selection criteria for bestowing these acclaimed and coveted awards is not above board in all respects

More often than not it’s not the Sports & Arts &  Other Celebrities who are at fault even though it’s sad that many have to demand when they actually command such recognition at the highest levels when striving to  attain the highest heights and win laurels for India

Sadly many deserving have to lobby the undeserving Politicians and Bureacrats in the Ministries for these awards

Sadly all of this tends to dilute the  valuation and grand stature of these Awards

How just Rs 8000 Turns into Rs 1.3 crs in Stocks in 8 Years ! ~ Dreams can be Reality too !

😆 How Rs 8000 Turns into Rs 1.3 crs in Stocks in 8 Years by entering & exiting in just Three Stocks one after the other !

Dreams can be Reality too ! 

😯 July 2006 ~ Buy 10 Shares of MMTC at Rs 800 = Rs 8000

😮 November 2007 ~  Sell 10 Shares of MMTC at Rs 50000! = Rs 500000

That’s a Crazy Great Return of 6150% in just over a year !

😉 Take a Two Year + Break from November 2007 to February 2010 living of  Work Income + FD Interest on Rs 500000 !

🙂 February 2010 ~ Buy 2500 Shares of Jubilant Foodworks (Dominos) at Rs 200 = Rs 500000

😮 November 2013 ~ Sell 2500 Shares of Jubilant Foodworks at Rs 1300 = Rs 3250000

That’s another great return of 550% in three and a half years !

😀 December 2013 ~ Buy 10000 Shares of Force Motors at Rs 325 = Rs 3250000

😛 September 2014 ~ Sell 10000 Shares of Force Motors at Rs 1300 = Rs 1.3 Crores ! 

Now yet again a superb 300% Return inside a year !

How  😎 is this 162400 % Return in & out of just Three Stocks in just over Eight years  !

As Easy as this !

That’s the Lure of Equity for you !

Required Attributes & Skills ~ Faith in Equities, Conviction,Cool Selection,Patience,Temperament &  Timely Entry & Exit

The Ultimate Gigantic Returns have their base in that Crazy Initial Return of 6150% in MMTC !

Whats the Mantra ! ?

Look for a Big Company with a Small Price !….somebody will bale it out as the Stakes are too high for all Stakeholders to let the Company die !  

😈  I’m not talking about Kingfisher Airlines ! though it’s available at just over Rs 1 and just over Rs 100 crs for the Full Airline in case anyone dares !

🙄 Of Course Rs 800 for MMTC is not a Small Price ! but it did climb to Rs 50000 in just over a year  !

The Power of Compounding in Equities is the real Mantra ! 


Relaxed Weekend thus far ~Inspired by Friends & Food & Fab Views

Golf Course View from the Library

Relaxed  Extended Weekend thus far……

Thursday Night….enjoyed  dinner with a couple clients and friends that ended with a sinful Apricot Pluf and  Fresh Anjeer & Walnut Icecream

Friday Night….chilled  with good friends over a lovely dinner 

Noon Saturday…. lots to ponder in solitude…rouble crashing 23%,’Swachh’ India and ‘UnSwachh’ BCCI,Subdued Gold and Oil Prices and who’s behind this,Maharashtra Politics,’Make in India’,Sensex at 28000…gathered and penned thoughts inspired by the Golf Course view from the top from the Library…followed it by a great Lunch that began with Pumpkin soup with Pine Nuts & a Rocket Lettuce,Walnut and Pears Salad and ended with Terrine with Strawberry coulis !…all in soulful solitude

Later on Saturday evening…. Wife & I checked out Vir Das’ ‘History of India’ 90 min Comedy Act….it’s been running for quite some time now ….quite ‘Vir’ and hilarious…finally managed to catch the show at Sophia’s….caught up with friends too….we were all in splits…laugh riot…it’s stand out stand up stuff from Vir..he’s in a league of is own…some of his act is written by stand up comedians Rohan Joshi & Tanmay Bhatt….Vir’s new Act is ‘Battle of the Sexes’ and producer Ashwin Gidwani tells us that the guys and girls sit separately in the audience for a good reason….surely will catch up with this new act too….alright Vir have plugged both your shows so you can now send the commission…..   😆 …followed this with  a really late dinner of Mushroom & Almond Soup and Water Chestnuts in Soya and Balsamic Mushrooms and  Balinese Curry & Rice with friends

Morning Sunday…. had a Hot Strong Force Water Shower…recommend it strongly as a cheaper and more invigorating alternative to massage…followed by a Healthy Akoori on Toast Breakfast with Fresh Orange Juice and Strong Pot of Mint Tea…also managed a Masala Dosa !

Healthy Breakfast of Akoori on Toast & Fresh Orange Juice with Pot of Strong Mint Tea

 …now ready for a light Sunday late afternoon bite of  Pringles with fresh Garlic Mushroom Dip 

Maybe Catch the Epic ‘Interstellar’ this Sunday evening

…and tomorrow is another week that begins with great expectations of one of our recos running away  and welcoming new clients !   😆

You Guys too hope are enjoying the weekend and will have a fruitful week coming up read more

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