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June 2, 2009

Just caught an irrational Equity Advisor ,who also suffers from bouts of verbal diarrhoea, on TV advising to buy Reliance and Larsen for short term and not for one year !…His Logic ,or rather the lack of it ! got me ! !

There are two types of Advisors…

  • Those who honestly will say they don’t know when they don’t


  • Those who Don’t Know but Don’t Know that they Don’t Know !


Problem is that this Guy falls in the latter category and to boost he also suffers from verbal diarrhoea

This Guy takes the Cake !…He’s now heading the PMS for a Broking Company,having moved to it from another…Though he began his career as a business journalist

Nothing Personal…..but when you come on TV on the Stock Channels and express your stock views you will influence thousands who are viewing

I normally don’t judge or post critical observations on others unless I’m really angry and have made a generous allowance to respect the views of another…and this blog does serve the purpose of directing the Investor to Be Aware and BeWare,both

This is a sample of what he advised today and my tongue in cheek comments are in red italics !…

  • Don’t think too much or argue on Valuations or else you will not Buy and therefore will miss the Boat…At 8000,yes,but at 15000 to hell with Valuation Risks and Investor Risk Profiles !…you’re enticing now !
  • Buy Reliance and Larsen for the short term as after a year their price may be the same ,or less,or even more…Really !..I thought there existed even a fourth movement !…your advice also conflicts with a bullish view for the longer term…Reliance and Larsen are Proxies and the former even has a current weightage of over 17% in the Sensex
  • 2009 will provide more Trading opportunities than 2006/7 did…The FIIs pumped in US $ 8.5 Billion in 2006 and US $ 17.2 Billion in 2007 and the Sensex surged  from 9422 in 2006 beginning to close at 20287 in 2007 continuing to provide incredible opportunities from 2005 when the FIIs had pumped in US $ 10.7 Billion and when the Sensex had opened the year at incredible run in three years from 2005 to 2007 surging the Sensex from 6626 to 20287
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