Two of my Favourite Entertainers,Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson pass away…They Live on !

It’s a doubly sad day for me today…I’m in Mourning …..Two of my favourite entertainers died yesterday…Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson…..both American…and both falling prey to the dreaded ‘Cs’…the former to Cancer and the latter to Cardiac Arrest

I grew up on both….From School to College,when I was 15, on the then 28 year old, vivacious , voluptous and sensual American Actress and ‘Charlie’s Angels’, Farrah Fawcett with her trademark Blond Tousled Hair and her Fantastic Smile…and from College to later on the ‘Moonwalker’ ,King of Pop and ‘Thriller’,Michael Jackson


62 year Old Farrah Fawcett lost her famous Blonde Hair to Chemotherapy and yesterday her battle with Cancer.She became famous in the 1970s TV Series Charlies Angels in which she played one of the three Detective Angels…the character of Jill Munroe

I remember I was in transition between school and college and so besotted by Farrah Fawcett that I had pinned up her famous Red Swimsuit Poster (It had sold Millions)…out of respect to my parents and my grandfather,I had pinned it on the inside of my cupboard door…my Dad was cool but everytime my Grandfather saw it he would grimace a bit…”Come On Pappaji!” I used to tell him…” it’s just an infatuation and a part of growing up ! “…uncannily,quite often when I opened the cupboard,my ‘Pappaji’ used to appear from nowhere ! Wonder Why !? 

And Michael Jackson ! What an entertainer ! I grew up on him ! An era has ended ! We had one ending with the death of ‘Elvis Presly’,another with the breaking up of the ‘Beatles’ and now with this untimely demise of Michael Jackson…Apparently he had a fatal cardiac arrest last afternoon

He became a celebrity when he was a child….It cost him a normal  childhood and the pangs of loneliness grew with him into adulthood…he faced serious headline Legal issues  of Child Molestation and Financial Woes….His famous NeverLand Ranch,were he had housed some exotic animals from all over the world, too was put up for sale…he suffered taunts of ‘Whacko Jacko”

I read sometime ago that he had found solace in Islam and had even gone to settle down in Bahrain,a small island country in the Middle East…I have spend three years in the 1980s on this lovely island of Bahrain and I was happy for him that finally maybe he would find peace and contentment…Apparently he moved back to Los Angeles and was planning and rehearsing for his Comeback Tour read more