Paki bashing on Indian T-Shirts !…. Unwelcome but was Inevitable !

Two Wrongs don’t make a Right !

Today’s edition of Mid-day has a cover story on Paki bashing Jokes as slogans on “Tantra” T-Shirts

After 26/11 Mumbai Attack, Paki- Bashing has entered a new league….. Anti-Pak Jokes on T-shirts becomes a manifestation of the growing anger and frustration of Indians on  the perpetrators not having been brought to book as yet and the open audacity of Pakistan’s government on this issue.

But do we stoop to such a low level as cursing and degrading our neighbour?… Is it correct to paint all of Pakistan with one Brush !?…. Believe me, even across the border, the citizens are on tenderhooks and I daresay even petrified as sinster and devastating events are unfolding in their country too with horrific frequency… Main Cities are affected…. Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar

There is a real fear expressed by their PM, Zardari, last week that if Democracy fails, Nuclear capabilities could fall in the hands of the Taliban… USA and India are deeply concerned about this possibility and are taking cautious and measured steps not to aggravate the situation

‘Tantra’ cannot be held responsible for the Terrorism ! but considering it’s popularity, surely it has a responsibility to observe some restraint on such sensitive issues… as the actress, Nandita Das so wisely expresses the sentiment in this Mid-day article “… the young still want to wear peace and friendship, not hate”… on the other hand, Lyricist, Javed Akthar thinks it’s no big deal   

‘Tantra’ has become a popular T-shirt brand for it’s humorous slogans and caricatures on the T-Shirts… I’ve seen your stuff, Johnny and simply love it… worn and gifted some of it too….. but do rethink your take on such sensitive issues as Paki Bashing…. Freedom has to be responsibly exercised 

‘Tantra’ was co-founded several years ago by two enterprising Sindhis ( probably can add more fuel to the justification for this Pak Bashing !) Ranjiv Ramchandani a.k.a Johnny and a friend of his at the time and mine too (Yet is !)… The partnership broke up with my friend setting up the ‘Karma’ Brand of T-Shirts and Johnny retaining the ‘Tantra’ Brand

Johnny has courted controversy several times for his T-Shirts… In this case of Jokes on the Pakis, he is pretty insensitive and matter of fact about it “Their (Pakistan) Textbooks and TV is full of anti-India propaganda. We are just getting down to their level”   read more