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July 5, 2009

Just witnessed a Great Wimbledon Mens Final !…Great Champion,Roger Federer wins a Five setter and a record Fifteen Grand Slam Title

There was Magic on the Centre Court at Wimbledon today…over Four Hours of it !

Two Magicians,Two Gladiators, and Two Great Athletes,mentally and physically tough,Roger Federer and Andy Roddick,entertained us like never before

It was the Mens Singles Finals….and Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick in a thrilling and pulsating five setter 5-7,7-6,7-6,3-6 and would you believe it ! 16-14 in the deciding Fifth….Both were serving Aces galore…Roger served 50 of them…It takes 48 consecutive winning points to win two sets 6-0 and 6-0…so you can gauge that if Roger had served 50 consecutive Aces from the start he would have done so and gone into the third set too !

And spare a thought for Andy Roddick..this great guy was leading by a set and at 6 games all was up 6-2 in the tie break in the second set with four set points…and Roger,the champion that he is, fought back to win the tie break and level the match at one set all !…and Andy may have lost two tie breaks to lose the second and third sets, but he never lost a service game right till the end when Roger broke him in the 30th game of the deciding Fifth Set to win the Finals…That Last Point Miss-hit by Roddick was not the Ball,but the Wimbledon Trophy out of his grasp….what an irony ! 

Roger has now surpassed Pete Sampras and has a record 15 Grand Slam Singles Titles under his belt and has also regained his ranking as World No 1 

And Roger had all the Tennis Legendary Greats there with him on centre court today…Pete Sampras,Bjorn Borg,Rod Laver,John Mcnroe,Ile Nastase

The Greatest Player in Grand Slam History…Roger Federer…he now has six Wimbledon Titles,one less than Pete Sampras…something to play for next year ! 

And Roger is soon to become a father…His Wife,due soon, was there cheering him…what a lovely Win to precede the birth of their First Child…and as the Finals today build up in the fifth set towards a nail biting finish with all spectators on the edge of their seats,you had  commentator,Vijay Amritraj, echoing the thoughts of many of us,that the Pregnant Wife should not be there…it was just too tense

All’s Well that Ends Well….The Great Game of Tennis has won…and this Final will surely inspire many kids all over the world to take up Tennis    

And Roger !…here’s wishing you a Silver of Grand Slam Singles Titles…just another 10 to go for this !…and you’re just 27 years old !…Now go for the Ultimate Grand Slam…win all four Majors in one Year ! read more

Tennis Coach,Nick Bollettieri asserts you have to be Mean to be a good Competitor…I don’t agree !

Says World Celebrity Tennis Coach, American Nick Bollettieri about Indian Tennis Kids who attended his Academy

” I remember that the kids who came here were too nice.The trend in your country is to be very polite.But sometimes you also have to be mean to be a good competitor.This is not easy for Indians ” 

Hey,Nick !I completely disagree….to be Mean is Mean !…you don’t need to be Mean to be a Good Competitor…Maybe It’s the US System…End justifying the Means ! ( Pun unintended !)

Is the Champ ,Roger Federer, Mean !?

And if you’re going to be Mean to win matches,you’re going to be more remembered for being Mean !

Killer Instinct ! Yes!…Fight Back Spirit ! Yes!…Never Say Die Attitude ! Yes!…but Mean ! No !

So Nick ! are you going to call me another Polite Indian !?

How to Misuse Warren Buffett !…learn from the Chinese !

Would you believe this ! 

A 37 year old Chinese businessman,Zhao Danyang paid a record US $ 2.1 Million to win an eBay charity auction last year to lunch with legendary Investor,Warren E Buffett at a steakhouse in New York City

Just a day before the lunch on June 24,2009,Zhao Danyang played the Media by telling them he was going to recommend a Chinese Retailer,WuMart to Warren Buffett….Share Price of WuMart began moving up smartly and by the time Danyang returned to China,the price had shot up 25% and Danyang’s holding in it was up by more than US $ 16 Miilion…so he made a cool,though notional, US $ 14 Million net of his lunch 

So the lunch at US $ 2 Million was not so expensive at all !

Warren Buffett has not even committed to WuMart….all that has happened,Danyang insists,is that he has handed over the Annual Reports of WuMart to Warren Buffett during a three hour lunch….and he has no inclination to sell his stake…. The Share Price of WuMart will surely fall once the Chinese realise Warren Buffett treated this Lunch,just as Lunch !

Immediately an Indian scenario comes to mind when Warren Buffett’s name was used…rather misused…It was some years ago and the time of the IPO of the behemoth PSU,ONGC…and Arun Shourie was trying hard to sell the issue….someone started the rumour that even Warren Buffett had committed to Invest in the IPO of ONGC…This was an attempt to hype up the issue. There was simply no shred of truth in this

On the Flipside and Just thinking out loud….what if Warren Buffett does invest in WuMart !? 

We would then stop slamming Danyang and be calling him shrewd,savvy and smart !

And a Final Thought….In Future the  Charity Auction Bids for Lunch with Warren Buffett will soar to newer records…so maybe it will serve Warren Buffett well for his Charity,to actually invest in WuMart !….Look at the bigger Picture ,Warren !

Another Lovely Sunday……Lovely Weather helps lovely unwinding

After Heavy Rains yesterday,the weather has been kinder this Sunday and rather lovely too with the sun playing hide and seek in an overcast sky…I’m enjoying it

Just the right prescription to help relax after a long Geography Revison Session with my daughter..She’s in the Eight and her First Comprehensives begin tomorrow….Did you know that the Horse Latitudes,between 30 degrees and 35 degrees north and south of the Equator, were so called because Horses were actually thrown overboard into the Sea by Sailors sailing from Spain to the Americas….. to lighten weight and also, it is said, to preserve scarce drinking water… this area was pretty windless,drinking water was a precious resource…so when this resource got scarce, as ships were often stalled because of lack of Wind,horses were sacrificed….and Trade Winds are so named,not because of any ‘Trade’ as in  ‘Commerce’,but because they are derived from the Saxon word ‘Treadon’ which means to blow tread or blow steadily and constantly….and every 166 meters you go up in altitude,the temperature decreases by 1 degree Celcius !

Then my Wife and my unshaven (It’s a Sunday !) self just disappeared in the afternoon to spend some quality time together..we had planned the Club

But instead, initially, diverted to travel the new Bandra Worli Sea Link…It’s free till midnight today…Then there’s a toll of Rs 50 one way for Cars…Took the Worli to Bandra Route…Enroute,resisted temptation to pick up the famous Worli ‘Vada pav’ ….We just love it….. Took us Ten minutes on Worli Sea Face to reach the Bridge and then under Ten minutes to cross 4.6 kms of it,travelling below 50km/hr…then got stuck at the Bandra Exit…instead of taking the Reclamation Road or even the Airport Road,we joined Heavy Traffic towards SV Road…took us half an hour to take a U-Turn at Bandra and come back towards Mahim Causeway…From there it took us just 15 minutes to reach Worli by the normal route and not by the new sea link route…but then today was a Sunday and it was an afternoon and we had all been warned of heavy rains again today…so many may have just stayed at home after yesterdays chaos…True Test of Traffic snarls will only be revealed in the coming week when you’ll have to pay to travel the Sea Link

I particularly did not enjoy the sea link as much as I had hoped to…reason was that despite the lovely weather, I never really felt the sea breeze hit me,nor could I see the Open Sea clearly  as I drove…the safety barriers came in the way…I’m not really a regular traveller on this route so I’m not the right person to ask whether I will use this Sea Link often or as first choice.It probably is a time saver for those who encounter the Mahim Traffic Congestion,more than the signals at Shivaji Park and Prabhadevi…but the Rs 75 round trip toll may be a deterrent…and yes,our Friends who stay on the Worli Seaface are already complaining of Sound Pollution till late at night read more

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