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December 2010

Adieu 2010…Welcome 2011….Hope we get to welcome a ‘Magic’ Stock yet again !

Adieu 2010…Welcome 2011

They Say Our Life’s Expectancy is measured by the Number of Breathes we take…there’s a finite number pre ordained for each one of us….so here’s wishing that you take fewer Breathes in 2011,so that you live longer !

So Breathe Deeply and make your New Year Resolutions….and Breathe Deeper when you break them !

Given you some really huge Multibaggers in the 21st Century…Matrix Labs,Mercator Lines,Essar Oil,Sagar Cements,ICSA,Sesa Goa to name a few….have positioned you with a few more for the coming years

Let’s Hope 2011 throws up a real ‘Magic’ & ‘Miracle’ Stock up for you that makes you ‘breathless’! (so you live longer too!..refer up) and revs your Equity Portfolio up so fast that you can take an early retirement !….Maybe I’ll spot one for clients yet again…Now ! Now ! I said Maybe !

….but what I do promise on my blog is to keep warning you to stay away from Companies that seduce or are simply scandalously overpriced !…like Emami Infrastructure was when it got listed on the demerger !…High of Rs 600 on the NSE !…. and at Rs 100 + it was widely thought to have stabilised…it’s down to Rs 35-Rs 45 range now  within months !   

Cheers !   

105 Scribes killed on job this year…..this figure would change radically…even if notionally… if Financial journalism is covered !

Interesting press piece in today’s DNA….

105 scribes killed on job this year….

Media Watchdog Press Emblem Campaign released this figure describing the killing of reporters as an “epidemic with no cure”…in 2009,the figure was higher at 122 and in 2008 there were 91 journalists killed…Over five years ,529 journalists have been killed with over a fifth of them in Iraq….Mexico and Pakistan have been the most dangerous countries for media workers to report from in 2010

A Reflex Amusing but Angry Thought comes to mind…if financial reporting is covered then the notional killings of all those ‘experts and anchors and reporters’ that proliferate the Stock TV Channels and Print Media would have easily crossed 100 !….and the count of victims,that are the helpless and hapless Traders and Investors who are TV addicts glued to the Stock Channels,would easily have crossed over 10000 !

Cheers !



This Christmas reaffirm your Faith cheerfully in Santa and Sensex…and you will be rewarded

Wishing all of you Christmas Cheer….If you’re going to ‘Bottoms Up’ Drink or ‘Top Down’ Invest or vice versa…do so safely and wisely…and cheerfully

That time of the year when you need to reaffirm your Faith in Santa and Sensex…and you shall be rewarded

Enjoy the Chill with Family and Friends…time for some Hot Chocolate !

Cheers ! 

Stressed out with the Poor A2Z Listing !?…maybe you ought to de-stress with the relaxing A2Z Services that have proliferated all over !

A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services Ltd….IPO had scraped through at Rs 400…helped by High Net Worth Applications…probably a back up plan…..  as both the other segments QIBs and Retail were undersubscribed… a stressful Listing today…High/Low of Rs 398 +/Rs 318+ on BSE…did not even record the Issue Price at the Lower end of the Band of Rs 400….Interestingly Reliance Capital Group owns 37 lakh + shares as disclosed in the pre listing Shareholding at December 18,2010…Anchor Investors for @ Rs 148 crs at Rs 400/share…they’re down by Rs 27 crs today !  

… the news for  Rakesh Jhunjhunwala having made a huge bonanza in this Company…Invested Rs 20 crs for a 21% stake in May 2006 when it was a Private Company…Pre IPO he held 1.21 cr shares and offloaded @ 5 lakh shares in the IPO to get back the initial Rs 20 crs Invested…the rest is locked in for one year…he should have held 1.42 cr shares at an average cost of Rs 14/share,but after the first bonus of 11:1 on August 10,2007,he had 5698776 shares shares of which he sold 448776 shares at Rs 34.89 (this was his average cost of holding at that time) on August 20,2007 to 11 persons and got Rs 1.57 crs….Then in August/September 2009 he gifted 429550 shares to 13 persons before the last Bonus of 3:2 given on March 18,2010…thus his holding just prior to the IPO was 12051125 shares at a net Investment of Rs 18.43 crs giving an average cost of  Rs 15.3/share…so he’s got his bonanza of Rs 380 crs gains in 4 and a half years….nearly all of it is notional as lock in applies for a year….assuming the Share Price even after a year remains at Rs 330 levels,the gains could be realised…that’s a CAGR of a superb @ 82%

…..but those who were allotted the Shares in the IPO at Rs 400 are down 18% already on the first day’s closing BSE price of Rs 328.90

…if you are one of these over 12000 stressed out A2Z IPO allottees maybe you ought to try out another A2Z Service !…..those A2Z Relaxing Services ! that have proliferated all over ..check out the classifieds in the top Papers in your town or city !…both are rips off…but one stresses and the other de-stresses !

Cheers !

Temptation Foods at Rs 22….Just don’t get Tempted….has all the Ingredients for a superhit Bollywood Potboiler recipe !….item song included !

Shahzad…this one’s for you…you had asked for it a few days ago……Temptation Foods (TFL)


TFL and it’s arrested Promoter Vinit Kumar was yet again the News yesterday morning in the Mumbai Mirror …. the Mumbai Morninger from the Times of India Group was following up from it’s story of November 30,2010 that exposed the link between Kumar and the Home Ministry Mole Ravi Inder Singh

Yesterday press coverage breaks an Intelligence Bureau Report that links the barred scamster Ketan Parekh and his cronies and front companies to Vinit Kumar and Temptation Foods and the intended modus operandi to rig the share price of the Company….

…..and that Vinit Kumar was the middleman in the Telecom Scam !

And  Mumbai Mirror states that the  IB Report ,a copy of which they have in their possesion, states that 12000 conversations of Singh have been recorded over three mobile phones….those between Kumar and Singh reveal that Kumar was the middle man supplying Money and Call Girls to Singh in exchange for Sensitive Government Information…further, both colluded so that TFL could get to co promote the Rs 100 crs Food Park in Jangipur,West Bengal ……in this context it is amusing to read TFL’s clarification signed by  Mr Nimish Thakore,President of Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary….he denies that any benefit was received from Singh even though Singh was the Director of Horticulture,West Bengal and therefore also on the Board of the Food Park before he was deputed to the Home Affair Ministry 





TFL  closed at Rs 22 yesterday…a FV of Rs 10….If you look at the Valuation metrics,you’ll be excited

EPS : Rs 25….P/E : 0.88…..Market Cap : Rs 89 crs….Sales : Rs 1277 crs…..Mkt Cap/Sales : 0.07 !…Book Value : Kissing Rs 100…P/BV : 0.22 !



I was intrigued….I usually am where Item Girls and Songs are involved !….so I took a bite of Annual Report of TFL to begin with !…. I actually laughed !….here’s why….

…..What a lovely designer Annual Report 2009/10…was completely seduced by it…have a look…you’ll be stunned too….the concept,content and design is by Atherstone who are Professional Consultants and Specialists in Investor Communications….title says 2007-08 but the Annual Report is for 2009/10 so go ahead and click

Atherstone surely must be trying to bury their heads in the sand!…their Annual Report Theme was ‘A TASTE FOR TRUTH’ !

Here are some marvellous gems from the Annual Report…even in the Report they are in Capital Letters and stated in big bold colours with each phrase hogging the whole Page ! 



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