One of my Fav Vin Diesel interviewed superbly by Monita Rajpal in CNN Talk Asia

One of my Favourite Hollywood Heroes, Vin Diesel, interviewed superbly by Monita Rajpal in CNN’s   Talk Asia ~ Aired on May 24,2013

Vin Diesel

Simply Love Action Hollywood Hero Vin Diesel ~ ‘XXX’, ‘The Fast &  The Furious Sequel Series ‘,’The Pacifier’,’Saving Private Ryan’

The Guy’s super cool !

Vin always knew he would be  a Big Movie Star ~ he used to register as an Extra to sneak in to the Studio only to hide to observe the Stars and not really want to play an Extra ! ~ he dreamed of being the first big multicultural Movie Star

His Super Break came when Steven Spielberg  chanced to see Vin Diesel’s Multi-Facial and loved his work and called to create  a special role for him in Saving Private Ryan ~ This documentary cost Vin just US $ 3000 to make and covered his auditioning experience in New York and he was not able to sell it at the Sundance Film Festival

How Vin went up to the Woods for Four Months and isolated himself to play the dark character of Riddick !

Awesome Insights into Vin Diesel ~ his self belief and self confidence is incredibly inspiring ~ his being a Doting Father is his Soft side

Leave you with a quotable line from his latest ‘Fast & Furious 6,2013’

“This code you live by is predictable …..And in our line of work Predictable means Vulnerable “


Kai Po Che ~ Overrated & Overhyped ~ if you have got to see it just do not expensively multiplex it

Kai Po Che ~ Overrated & Overhyped ~ if you have got to see it just do not expensively multiplex it  ~ any body know what the title connection is all about!? ~ just shows how tonnes of publicity money spend by leading Producer UTV with media support can create the hype that seduces the public to want to see this movie at the first instance! ~ how did these film critics give a  4 rating for this movie !

It’s about Three Young Men & Close Friends and their enterprising spirit wanting to start a Cricket Academy and a Sports Goods Business on their Own  ~ it’s about their strong bonding through thick and thin and Caste Cliches despite the often raging animosities that break out between them after their being influenced by the huge tragic events that unfolded in Gujarat ~ The Backdrop are the Tragedies at the beginning of the Gujarat Millenium ~ the Bhuj epicentred earthquake on Jan 26,2001 and the Riots in Feb 2002 that followed the deliberate burning of the two bogies of  the Sabarmati Express at Godhra resulting in the death of many kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya to Ahmedabad ~ the Director Abhishek Kapoor has crammed  the movie with just fleeting glimpses of these events without really bring any of them really alive ~ the screenplay based on the story of  Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ is pretty ordinary

‘Dil Chhata Hai’ and ‘Zindegi Ne Milegi Dobara’  are better movies on the Bonding of  Three Young Men ~ and I’m no urban snob !

What I will not argue against is the risk taking abilities of the Gujaratis and that a Gujarat Girl often does make the first flirty move ~ liked Amrita Puri in this role !

That’s My Experience & View too !

Cheers !

Zero Dark Thirty ~ A fairly riveting though Controversial Oscar Nominee showing how the 9/11 Mastermind was tracked down after years and shot

Oscar Nominee Jessica Chastain essaying the role of the key Woman CIA Operator in Zero Dark Thirty

You will want to see this Movie based on tracking down and shooting the mastermind of 9/11 ….it runs for  160 minutes and is directed by Kathryn Bigelow with Screenwriter being Mark Boal and the key CIA Woman Operative who relentless pursued all leads brilliantly essayed by Oscar Nominee Jessica Chastain

Zero Dark Thirty ~ A fairly riveting though Controversial Oscar Nominee for Best Picture showing how the 9/11 Mastermind was tracked down in 2011,10 years after 9/11 and shot dead

Two matter of fact dialogues that stayed with me as they expressed a lot in my view :

“You lie ,I hurt You” ~ repeatedly stated quite menacingly yet without emotion or losing cool by the Chief Male CIA Interrogator to the detainee and suspect Money Router to the perpetrators of  9/11  and followed up with his torture depicted on screen ~ It was this torture that has created the controversy as the Americans insist there was no inhuman torture to extract Vital Information

” Do you have any Friends at all !?” ~ This was directed by another  Woman Team Member at the key CIA Woman Operative,Maya in the Movie, as played by Oscar Nominee for Best Actress,Jessica Chastain ~ the context was to show how relentless and focused was Maya in researching and pursuing every lead on the assignment that she literally lived,slept and ate it and had no time for even flirting around

Early tomorrow Morning we shall know who has won the Oscars  ~ though the Director was not voted as one of the Nominees for Best Director,probably due to the strong objection depicting Torture as a tool that paved the way to track and shoot the 9/11 mastermind ,voiced by leading senators to the Movie Maker,Sony

The Movie is fairly riveting and builds up well and sensibly without any boasting ~ the scenes are not rushed through so that the essence of the moment and the emotions are captured and conveyed fully into our senses ~ also shows the prevalence of CIA Black Sites outside USA where detainees and suspects are held for interrogation ~ also one gets a glimpse of  US surveillance prowess through satellite imagery and other sophisticated monitoring and tracking technology

See it~ Zero Dark Thirty

‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ ~ A very Looooooooong Shah Rukh Khan & Katrina Kaif & Anoushka Sharma starrer !

‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ ~ Diwali Release starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif and Anoushka Sharma ~What a Loooooooooong Movie !  We began seeing it just past 10 pm ,Wednesday Night,November 14,2012 at Inox at Nariman Point on Hindu New Year Night a few hours earlier and the Movie ended at 1.30 am on Thursday early morning ,November 15,2012!

It’s a Movie on Love and has quite a few sob moments ~ The Film is shot in London,Kashmir and Ladakh ~ Interestingly Shah Rukh Khan had never been to Kashmir in his Life as a choice before this ! Seems his Grandfather had told him to see at least three places in the World ~ Istanbul,Rome and Kashmir and that while he could go on his own to the others,he would show or rather show off Kashmir to him ~ he passed away before he could do so and SRK had deliberately not gone to Kashmir all these years in deference to his grandfather and had never accompanied his wife or children when they went holidaying there  ~ However he gave in to Yash Raj  to show him Kashmir while shooting this film there as he considered him a father figure

There are some mellow  lovey dovey utterances ” Hur Ishq ka koi waqt hota hai…aur joh abhi waqt naa hoh,iska yeh matlab nahi ki Ishq nahi hai…aur jab waqt aataa hai toh khuda bhi ishq ko nahi rok sakta toh waqt kya cheez hai !”…this flowed from Rishi Kapoor who plays a cute cameo couple role with real life life partner,Neetu Singh Kapoor, when asked by Katrina how he could havewaited for her mom for Eight Years with firm belief  that she will come to him and become his companion for the rest of her life despite being married and with a child ~ Neetu Singh too says a classic to Katrina to explain why she left her husband and Katrina’s father for Rishi Kapoor Joh khud Khush nahi hota woh doosroh koh kabhi khushi nahi dey sakta”   

Kashmir and Ladakh Locales are heavenly ~ we had our Honeymoon in Kashmir and we complete 25 years next year and the demand and sentiment is strong to relive Kashmir next year !

Katrina is simply sizzling hot in the dance Number and the rhythm wants you to get up and dance in the aisles ! ~ thought SRK is a bit aged for this role but as the bubbly young modern generation Anoushka tells him that in her generation she will never find a man like him…..

The Movie opens with Anoushka ,to win a bet,in just a bare bikini diving of a rock in the middle of the Lake in Ladakh into freezing waters only to be rescued from certain death by SRK who essays the role of Major Samar Anand ,a legendary Bomb Defuser in the Indian Army read more

‘Raajneeti’ is a wasted movie…..


Many liked the movie…but not me !…Lousy….characters simply not build up properly….senseless violence…family hangups in local politics…ungripping storyline…predictable ploys….not a single powerful performance…hackneyed election speeches…bloody waste of money…Naseeruddin Shah was wasted…probably was smart and walked out of the movie in the early scenes itself !……actually a whole Star cast wasted !…..Oh! and the women always get pregnant in one shot !

Cheers !

Big B’s ‘Teen Patti’….Message is Masterful and Powerful,Movie is Not….Knowledge is Power but should be applied responsibly and not be misused…Greed is a Destroyer

Caught the second day late night 10.45 pm show last night of Amitabh Bachchan’s latest release ‘Teen Patti’….just 50 people in the theatre that could seat 200 +

Big B is a Maths Professor who figures out through Mathematical Probabilities the winning hand in a Game of ‘Flush’ or ‘Teen Patti’ as we know it in India….he gets a young prof to round up a few students to test it out..and the Movie builds up as they get around town winning thousands and lakhs at Real Games in shady social clubs and later crores at the Big High Wheelers Games around the City

The Message is masterful and powerful

  • Knowledge is Power…and should not be misused…but be used for the betterment of Humanity…Using a Mathematical Theorem to win in Cards,a Game of Luck and Chance is Cheating…..What comes to mind also is that man has created the Weapons of his Own Destruction….Nuclear !
  • The Probability of India recognising the Genius of an Individual before the World does,is very Low.

    So often,we find Indians get recognition overseas,before India begins to salute them…the recent Chemistry Nobel Prize for instance was co-awarded to Venkatraman Ramakrishnan of Cambridge,UK…he was born in Tamil Nadu,studied in Vadodra,failed to get a seat at the IITs or Christian Medical College,Vellore,moved to USA and then later switched from Physics to Biology and  from USA to UK….he was annoyed to receive Hundreds of Congratulatory Emails from many Indians who claim to have been associated with him In India

    My own late Uncle,my father’s elder brother was lost to India….He was brilliant and after having studied at MIT,US,he returned to India and joined India’s Premier Scientific Research Group in the 1950s…he returned to the US in disgust after his seniors repeatedly took credit for his research…India lost a Brilliant Brain

    All his life Bachchan, as Maths Prof Venkat Subramaniam, faces rejection of his Research Papers in India…..He is forced to resign,owning moral responsibility for the suicide of one of his students involved in his Experiment…..The Other students and the Young Prof involved in the successful experiment quietly ensure that his research reaches and is finally recognised by World renowned Maths Genius,played by Ben Kingsley, and Cambridge University,UK decides to award him the Issac Newton Prize, the highest Maths Honour

Greed is a great Motivator…a gread Seducer…..and inevitably the Destroyer.

Greed and Fear are two sides of the Stock Market Coin…..they form the core basis for Irrational Thinking…at some of my sessions,participants actually roleplay such behaviour in specific situations…throwing up Investor Mistakes and quirks in Human Behaviour and Relationships

‘Teen Patti’ too highlights this growing greed and addiction to the glamour of quick and easy Monies from playing ‘Teen Patti’…it destroys the human…forcing even resorting to stealing and  blackmailing….distracts them from focusing on core moral and ethical Values and sound education…it takes Big B as Prof Venkat Subramaniam to hard knock this lesson to the students involved in his experiment…he empties all bullets,but one,of a Gun …..holds it to his head and presses the Trigger…he’s lucky….that’s what it is he tells,no yells,at the students…Just Luck and Probability…do they have the guts to hold the Gun to their Head and Pull the Trigger !…….play this Russian Roulette,just like Hritik Roshan does in Dhoom 2 with Aishwarya !? read more