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January 7, 2009

BSE,NSE and SEBI must check if Ramalinga Raju or any of his fronts shortsold Satyam at Rs 175 in Derivatives or in Morning Spot before releasing the Bombshell of his Letter that confessed to a Fraud and sunk Satyam in quicktime from Rs 175 to close at Rs 40

Ramalinga Raju of Satyam is nothing but a downright Cheat and a Dishonest and Fradulent promoter…however he did have the courage to confess this morning….yet he cannot be trusted

Satyam closed at just Rs 40,down Rs 138 from Rs 175

BSE,NSE and SEBI must check that Ramalinga Raju and his coterie did not benefit monetarily from this fall by shortselling Satyam earlier,knowing that the release of the Bombshell Confession Letter this Morning will murder the Share Price

How can they check this ?…just list all who shorted Satyam significantly in the past few days till this morning and made a killing…..then trace their bonafides and see if there is any link of Funds Flow or Relationships to Satyam and Maytas Promoters and their Coterie

I for one suspect that Ramalinga Raju would not have missed even this chance to benefit monetarily  !

Finally Satyam’s Raju resigns shockingly admitting a massive Fraud and share price sinks from Rs 175 to Rs 50 this morning,murdering Shareholders and Capital Markets in one stroke !!!

I had told you Satyam’s Chairman Ramalinga Raju was actually Ravana and he was a goner…just read my blogs of December 17,2008 and December 19,2008…..You cannot believe this guy…he’s got a history of hoodwinking…he bought Rajesh Jain’s Indiaworld for US $ 116 Million in 2000…this was a hogwash deal only to launder Money !

Regulators Move in Now ,this very Minute, and freeze assets of Satyam to try and salvage something ! 

This morning Raju resigned and blew the Satyam share price away from Rs 175 to Rs 50 after releasing a letter claiming that he had committed a fraud and had cooked the Satyam Books for Years…There are Fictitious Assets on the book and understated liabilities of over Rs 1200 crs…There is no Cash of Rs 5000 crores as shown in the Books

This is an extremely sorry Day for Indian Capital Markets…..In one single Stroke,Raju has killed the Trust developed over years by Domestic and Overseas Investors in Indian Companies and their Promoters

Satyam was one of the Three Bellweather IT Stocks along with Infosys and TCS and would you believe it ! …It seems to have been build on Lies and a Pack of Cards !

Raju and Satyam, fooled and shocked all of us…he has made an all revealing Confession after he was cornered and had no place to hide

  • Investors and Shareholders
  • Bankers
  • Institutions
  • Employees
  • Auditors,Price WaterHouse
  • Independent and Non Executive Directors
  • Stock Exchanges in India and Overseas
  • Regulators….ICAI,SEBI,RBI,Ministry of Company Affairs
  • Media

There is no doubt in my Mind that this is a CRIMINAL ACT and can be categorised as both an Acoounting Fraud and a Securities Fraud 

Before any evidence is Destroyed,those responsible directly for this Fraud and those responsible for Dereliction of Duty in and out Satyam must be taken into custody

What the Hell were the Independent and Non Executive Directors,Vinod Dham,Prof Krishna Palepu,Dr Rammohan Rao and Dr Mrs Srinivasan doing…sleeping !? What the hell were the Auditors Price Waterhouse and the Bankers doing !?….How could they show Cash in the Bank of over Rs 5000 crs in the Books when there was no cash at all ! Who valued the Maytas Deal at US $ 1.6 Billion ?…All their Big Reputations are finished in this unfolding sordid Satyam Drama

The Audited Accounts signed by Price Waterhouse for the Half Year at September 30,2008 show cash of Rs 5700 crs and Debtors of over Rs 2000 crs and accrued Interest due from the Bank !……Now Raju claims most of this is fictitious…..How has Price Waterhouse signed without even 50% verification of major assets !

Methinks Price Waterhouse are on the way of Arther Anderson who wound up after fouling up on Enron…atleast in India…One Mr Srinivas Talluri,Partner of Price Waterhouse,Hyderabad, has signed the Accounts….As on March 31,2008 the Balance Sheet Size was shown at Rs 7381 crs….this climbs past Rs 8000 crs at half year September 30,2008…Now Chairman,Raju confesses most of this is fictitious…With Equity at Rs 134 crores and 67 crores shares of Face Value of Rs 2 in existence it would mean a Book Value of @ Rs 120 !….But if all is fictitious,there is NO BOOK VALUE !….SHARE PRICE SHOULD THEN BE VEERING TOWARDS ZERO  read more

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