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November 6, 2010

President Obama aggressively plugs US Business and Exports while addressing Indian businessmen…..

Under severe criticism and pressure at home,US President Obama may have just addressed Indian businessmen at Hotel Trident in Mumbai this evening,but his words and rhetorics are actually meant for Americans back home !

….He is simply plugging Amercian Business and Exports…just like Bill Gates did for his Microsoft when he visited India a few years ago…..clearly shows that USA desperately needs to export and invest in India for economic survival….they want to participate and benefit from our inevitable growth

…..has announced 20 deals for US $ 10 billion that will create 50000 jobs in USA….all USA services,products coming into India…….these would really have happened anyway ,without Obama plugging for them !

…..just a loose assurance,non committal in terms of specifics, on opening out USA to Indian Exports !….but wants India to lower trade barriers

…..just hope India is not bullied to sell out….USA needs us…..and we need them too as we grow…..we need to bargain hard for USA to remove restrictions and barriers for India to do business in USA 

….more importantly India should not compromise it’s political,social,scientific and economic integrity simply to further US Interests…….we need to safeguard our interests too…..more importantly those of our 1.2 billion people of which 350 million comprise a juicy middle class market ….this is our asset……USA is eyeing it aggressively….. in this context  I’m  little worried at the views just coming forth by Indian business men and women on Obama’s speech just now……. that Obama’s speech was warm and positive and quite forthcoming on mutual benefits to both USA and India…they are purely licking their lips in anticipation of business opportunities and profits….good in itself …but not at the cost of any compromise or expediencies by India

….hope India and USA can genuinely carve out a Win Win situation as Obama asserts it will in his speech…but I yet retain that impression that while the speech was addressed to Indian businessmen it was clearly aimed for back home for the Amercian audience…..he simply kept plugging US Business aggressively with some public posturing on creating more jobs in USA on the Deals with India

Cheers ! 



Air Force One just landed at 12.50 pm local time in Mumbai with President Obama….

USA President Obama has just landed at 12.50 pm local time in Mumbai on Air Force One……bringing nothing really for India except scores of US Officials and US CEOs in accompanying planes

…..Violence & Non Violence features on agenda today…..will pay homage to Victims and Sites of the 26/11 Violence…will stay at one of them,Taj and vist the other,The Trident, to meet and address Business Leaders……in between will vist Mani Bhavan to pay respects to the Father of our Nation and the Apostle of Non Violence,Mahatma Gandhi

Mumbai will surely welcome Obama…’Atithi Devo Bhava’…..but there is no real excitement or cheer in the air….he will come…and he will go….Maximum Security…Minimum Cheer……Mumbaikars,for that matter all Indians, are not going to bow down to or fawn over or hold in awe Obama…..This time I suspect even our Businessmen,Media and Politicians too will not do this !……we are in a position of strength on many fronts now…does change the equation….even President Obama is probably hurting from mid term election debacle and is in less cheer

Obama’s Popularity ratings have slipped sharply halfway into his Presidency….his party has suffered a rout in the mid term elections a few days ago diluting his powers in the US Congress….clearly the American People have thumped him down bad…..the root of this remains in the continuing economic woes in USA….I fear the worst is yet to come in USA….and the fact that USA seems to be committing harakiri by funding spiralling deficts of Trillions of Dollars by simply increasing Priniting of Dollar Notes !…..they really have no alternative for now….but this is seen as mortgaging the future US Generations….”Yes we Can !” Chant of President Obama, when he assumed the Presidency two years ago, is now cheekily being applied to Increasing Deficits and a Weakening Dollar    

Obama…among other stands,these are significant

  • you are not supporting us for a permanent seat in the Security Council of the UN denying us the Power of veto
  • you are not supporting us in declaring Pakistan a terrorist state…you continue supplying weapons to them and funding them for their economy….both your supports to pakistan are directed against India…your Catch 22 Problem is yours…not ours….in needing Pakistan to tackle Al Quaeda in Afghanistan….you are comprimising us in protecting your interests 
  • you have specifically created hurdles to continuing IT outsourcing to India
  • you want India to open our Markets for agricultural and other commodities exports from USA while continuing to provide huge subsidies to your own farmers and keeping quota systems for exports from India…preference being given to NAFTA and South America
  • you continue to thwart the progress of Crude Oil Trading in other currencies than US Dollars,allegedly threatening military force too
  • Years ago you created the Taliban to counter Russia in Afghanistan….Now it’s backfiring on you and affecting our whole subcontinent
  • For Years there was a clear arrogance on part of US CEOs and Business Houses….years ago your GE  Head had little time for India….today ,for your own economic survival and revival,US Business is wooing India aggressively to capture market share in both exciting areas of Infrastructure,nuclear in specific, and  domestic consumption opportunity that our 1.2 billion people offers….you are supporting us in the Nuclear Energy Area,only if thousands of crores of orders are placed with your Companies for Nuclear Energy Plants
  • You can’t make Profits from the 325 million American People so you need Wall Mart to come and retail to 1.2 billion Indians….Coca Cola and Pepsi are already lighting up their Financials with their Indian Operations
  • You need your insurance companies to take majority stakes in Indian JVs to leverage on an underinsured India  
  • Racial Profiling intensifies after your 9/11

Clearly you have only US Interests at heart…..nothing else matters… other Country’s Interests matter…..your homage for 26/11 will merely be viewed as symbolic unless you really,in the interest of Humanity and sense of Justice,use your powerful office to get Pakistan to hand over the masterminds to India….they roam freely in Pakistan ,continuing to preach hatred for India in rallies on the streets of Pakistan…and while we believe your genuine respect for Mahatma Gandhi,it is ironic that his ideals of Ahimsa or Non Violence seem outdated and irrelevant in initiating and continuing with military strategies  in Iraq and Afghanistan read more

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