Monday Musings ~ Of Tennis Tussles and Ping Pong President’s ! & Insider Trading ! ~ the Price we pay for Democracy !

Monday Musings ~ Of Tennis Tussles and Ping Pong President’s !  & Insider Trading ! ~ the Price we pay for Democracy !

Of Tennis Tussles….

All India Tennis Association (AITA)  has ‘cunningly’ announced just one Men’s Doubles team for the Olympics ~ Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati when they know the bitterness and animosity between the two has assumed more  legendary proportion than even them as Indian legends of the game

AITA can send two Teams ~ I’ve met Leander Paes one to one as he was seeking to be one with Nature at the Club’s Golf Course late one evening ~ lively and spirited and very individualistic and clearly passionate about Tennis ~ the animosity with Bhupati is not new as the roots were in the 1990s and I suspect these were not born out of any Tennis related reasons  ~ Leander says he will play with Bhupati at teh Olympics but the latter is completely unwilling ~ both say they prefer Rohan Bopana as a partner! ~ what a Triangle ! ~ Country before Self and Nobody is above the Game ! are the chants we keep hearing  ~ Methinks AITA should stop squirming up such situations and should instead quickly diffuse the fire by announcing  two teams before the deadline of June 21,2012 ~ Mahesh and Rohan have been practising for past seven months and should form one team ~ Leander and Mahesh have teamed together for several Olympics but never won a medal   ~ seems the Paes Family has more influence in AITA ~ Leander’s father is the Doctor on Duty

…and Ping Pong Presidents ! 

A Man thought not fit to be PM ,and who has left a lot be desired as a FM and faces unresolved accusations of shielding scams and corruption,is now being kicked up ! ~ has  got the Congress Nomination to become the next President ! ~ Seems Corporates wanted him out as FM too ! ~ Me not making any judgements here but am of the firm opinion that the President’s Office has been diluted to really low standards unbefitting our great democracy  ~ it’s time we set this right ~ our President should simply not be a Political Person ~ this should be ingrained as a criteria in the Constitution !

Methinks Dr APJ Abdul Kalam deserves to once again be our President ~ Only such a Move will redeem the dignity and stature of the highest Constitutional Office in our Country

Come to think of it we make a Non Political Man our PM and are now going to make a Political Man our President !

India & Insider Trading are Inseparable 

Continue to be amused on the way we keep on moralising about Insider Trading in India but simply do nothing about it ! In USA Big Fish Rajat Gupta has been convicted in quick time as was Nick Leeson in Europe  ~ But in the Insider cesspool that is the BSE and NSE culprits are simply allowed to get away because often they are too big to prosecute or report or interests are being protected and in nearly all cases they have political patronage  ~ all this is an orchestrated circus read more