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June 14, 2012

Indian Presidential Race Hots Up ~ Our Extraordinary Country is being Run by Ordinary People !

Indian Presidential Race Hots Up ~ Our Extraordinary Country is being Run by Ordinary People ! 

Just too many ‘C’s !

Indian Politics have always been a ‘C’onundrum of ‘C’riminality,’C’orruption and ‘C’ommunalism ~ and ‘C’oalition ‘C’ompulsions !

It’s now become a ‘C’onvoluted ‘C’omedy to elect our next Rubber Stamp President !

There should be a ‘C’onsensus ‘C’andidate to elect our President next month ~ Head of our ‘C’onstitution

Ideally the President should be Non Political ~ and the election process should be depoliticised ~ but really never is except for when Abdul Kalam became our worthy President ~ Hope he assumes Presidency again next month

Instead we have Congress announcing their President Preferences without consulting even it’s allies in the UPA 2 Govt  let alone discussing the names with the leading Opposition Party BJP

Amusingly yesterday it was a Congress ally TMC Head,Mamta Banerjee who made public the Congress President,Sonia Gandhi’s President Preferences ~ Then even more stunningly Mulayam Singh of the Samajwadi Party and she  within an hour announced their own three and quite different preferences ~ one of which was our own PM ! ~ and one the much liked and worthy Abdul Kalam

India’s ‘C’ommon man has no Voice !

Our Extraordinary Country is being Run by Ordinary People ! 

One last thought ~ Even if mid term General Elections  do come about in late 2012 or 2013 before they are scheduled in 2014 ,what’s the alternative to the Congress led UPA 2 Government !? ~ a BJP led NDA 2 or a completely new Third Front Alliance !? ~ anything but a Congress led UPA 3 ! seems to say the ‘C’ommon Man hit by unprecedented scale of ‘C’orruption and Inflation

Play ‘Tug of War’ to Top SSC Board ! ~ Ludicrous !

Maharashtra State Government has implemented an Incentive  Policy a few years ago to promote and encourage Students to take up Sports ~ 25 Additional Marks are given to each Student who has played for the State in some Sport ~ While the Intent is to be applauded,the misuse has simply stunned all !

And this has resulted in many getting 100% taking advantage of the Sports Incentive Marks ! ~ This year 21171 Students applied for this additional 25 Marks ~ some for even playing ‘Tug of War’ for the State !  ~ Most completely undeserving and will never Pursue the Sport again

For such widespread blatant misuse,the State Government will be discontinuing with this Incentive Policy from next year ~ will apply the incentive only if Grace marks are required to pass by Students who have played some Sport for the State

Methinks,instead the State must work out a tight Incentive Policy and Process for Deserving Sports and Deserving Students only ~ keep a Small Number Cap too for each Sport ~ Select deserving students from the applications and not just dole out the additional 25 marks all those who have applied ~ like to all 21171 Students this year

~ and for God sake don’t include ‘Tug of War’ as a Deserving Sport ! ~ maybe consider it for joining the Youth Wings of Political Parties ! ~ but not for admission to Junior and Bachelor Degree in the Arts,Commerce, Science and Management Streams   

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