Viva Espania ! ~ Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spain in Euro 2012 Finals ! just beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties !

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spain in Euro 2012 Finals ! just beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties !

Spain gives no chance to Ronaldo to take the Final Portugal penalty !!!! ~ Deserving winners are Spain though they should have won at least 2-0 in Normal time and definitely in extra time~ wonder why Spain did not play Torres at all today ! ~ and Spain took a risk by making their three substitutions before 30 min extra time began and thus sacrificed a pair of fresh legs in this crucial period while Portugal made their third substitution with ten minutes to go in extra time ! ~ Sunday Finals Spain v/s Germany or Italy!?

Both the Opening Penalties were saved

Then Iniesta,Ramos and Piquet ( Shakira’s guy) scored for Spain while Nani and Pepe scored for Portugal ~ IT was 3-2 for Spain ~ Then  Bruno Alves ,who took the fourth penalty for Portugal, hit the cross bar ! and Fabregas came in for the Fifth Penalty to score and make it 4-2 and take Spain to the Finals ! ~ Ronaldo was left stranded awaiting his Penalty shot ~ there was no need to take it !

Spain fluffed at least four great chances to score against Portugal~ How Iniesta missed scoring of a pass  it’s a wonder !  ~ his shot was saved in a reflex action by the goalkeeper ~ but he could have aimed wider in an open goal ! ~ was  scoreless even after extra time  ~ match was fast paced and rough too with several being booked a yellow card

Interestingly Spain opened with Negrido instead of Fabregas or Torres ~ Fabregas replaced Negrido though later in the second half

Tomorrow Germany take on Italy in the second Semis ~ I’m rooting for a Spain vs  Germany Finals on Sunday with Spain retaining their Euro Crown ! ~ They already are World Champions

It was amusing to see the crowd literally whistling loud to show their annoyance when Spain or Portugal resorted to quick short passes rather than some more direct play and long passes for quicker shots at the Goal

Thank God  Spain did not fluff the Penalties !

Viva Espania !