Reviewed Global Fusion & Olive Bar & Kitchen & Barbeque Nation in Mumbai

Reviewed Restaurants Global Fusion at 2.5 & Olive Bar & Kitchen at 3  &  Barbeque Nation at 4.5  in Mumbai

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Global Fusion,Khar,Mumbai…Only Buffet….Indian,Chinese,Japanese & Thai

May 24,2014 Rated 2.5 on 5 Just back from Global Fusion at Linking Road…invited by Friends…..Cacophony & Crazy Crowd outside on the dug up road road that has Link Square where the restaurant is on the 3rd floor…..However inside it’s another world….Impressed by the inside ambience and the spread out spread and buffet concept but not so impressed by the food quality… expected connoisseur stuff as it is pitched as upmarket ….but was just about ok…soup alternatives were basic….starters and dimsums were passable… chilli paneer was rubbery and hard though the Indian paneer in the Main Course was soft …..the shitake tasted and smelt plastic and not fresh…sushi was well let’s keep sush about it…. small pastries tasted like bread….mousse did not melt in the mouth….and all of us found the food a bit oily too….service was fairly attentive but just about…not personal or friendly or top class like I thought it should be for such a place.. .trying to think which dish stood out from the 1000 ! (deliberate hyperbole) …none really….would I go back there?..let me think !… .not if I had to pay !…maybe not even if I did not have too !…they charge a 10% Service Tax too !…so don’t feel bad about not leaving any tip !….there’s no a-la-carte….just the buffet…. @ Rs 1200 incl taxes per person for a Saturday Night …was tempted to label it as Global ConFusion !…but think that would be unfair…we felt a bit cold as were seated in a distant corner where there were less patrons seated and ac draft was on us….left cold Olive Bar & Kitchen,Mahalakshmi,Mumbai….Greek  Med May 8,2014 Rated 3 on 5 Overpriced and a Greek Pretender…some servers not so knowledgable and menu for veg is limited and not much flexibility is accomodated when requested ….not good value for money….personally felt a bit cramped….would I go there again !?….only if invited ! Barbeque Nation,Worli,Mumbai….Only Buffet…..Indian,Chinese,Tandoor October 7,2013 Rated 4.5 on 5 We had an excellent Sunday Lunch experience yesterday at their Atria Outlet…the ambience and service was very attentive and the 10 starters just kept being replenished quicker than we could finish them~the soups,the starters on skewers at your table grill,the main course and the desserts were outstanding…..daughter was celebrating her 18th Birthday with 12 friends and our Son at one table and we were deliberately seated at another….though we had arranged our own cake,they too gave us a complimentary one as well as a great Slush…it was also warm to see the staff lined up in unison cheering while they played the Birthday Song when the Candles were Blown and Cake was Cut….and they have a Policy of No Tips ! …..they even went out of their way to arrange an excellent table with a view at our request ~ they had to combine a few for this

We found it a ‘Good Value for Money’ Place even though there is no a-la-carte and the only option is the all inclusive Veg or Non Veg Buffett……weekdays it’s cheaper…..we got stuffed on the Unlimited Starters itself ! …probably that’s what everyone does as this is their speciality !….they also have a good choice of mocktails and cocktails and a full Bar…. will surely patronise them again ….they send us a sms same evening thanking us for visiting them and hoping to see us again soon….they shall

Show You Voted & get 50% off your Meal at Popular Veg Eatery Cream Centre in Mumbai

Just drove past Chowpatty Seaface on way to Office and noticed  a Banner put up on the Popular Veg Eatery ‘Cream Centre’…their Chole Bhatura is oooooo super !… said ” Show You Voted & get 50% off your Meal” …that’s the indelible special black ink mark on your finger 

Tomorrow Mumbai Votes in the General Elections…..and nice thought by ‘Cream Centre’…they’re always full at meal times even on week days and so they need not offer such a tempting discount…the waiting is normally an hour….tomorrow I guess it may stretch to two hours !….Even next door Veg & Proud ‘New Yorker’ that is famous for Mexican and Italian is owned by Cream Centre Owners….they thrive on  Gujjus and Marwaris who love both these joints for years and keep coming back

Just a Thought !…Imagine the Profit Margins of these Eateries that they can offer such a discount easily that they don’t really have to give it a second thought !

🙂 Great Marketing by them to kill so many birds with one stone…do their bit for urging people to go and vote while strengthening their brand,loyalty and popularity too

I’m going to Vote Great Value and Eat Great Value !….anyone who has voted care to join me at Cream Centre !?

🙂 Value Investor Warren Buffett would surely approve !

Starbucks to serve Beer & Wine too now in USA…India maybe later!?

🙂  Soon Starbucks will be serving Beer & Wine after 4 pm ….in USA

😀 Would that roll out over the years to India too ! giving full meaning to their JV Partners and listed Tata Global Beverages !?

🙄 Mixed Feelings if this really happens !…as I currently sit right above Starbucks’  first outlet in India in South Mumbai near the BSE and this would probably lead to on increase in the frequency of Clients visiting ! and our Entertainment Costs increasing too ! 😉

Visualise this……

Starbucks Cafe & Pub ~”A Glass of Beer,Please” ~”.that will be Rs 750 Sir”~”I don’t want the 👿  Bottle” ~ Sir,the Bottle will be Rs 2500 🙂 ~”Oh!” 😳

😛 Anyone for Tea or Coffee ….or Beer or Wine ? ….or Tata Global Beverages for the Long Term @ Rs 141 ?

No Sugar ? What is my Alternative Sweetener ? Sugar Free or Equal or Splenda ?

No Sugar ? What is the Alternative Sweetener ? Sugar Free or Equal or Splenda ?

I use Splenda  especially as it does not contain Aspartame( a combination of two amino acids,aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are found naturally in many foods.Aspartame though approved by US FDA with prescribed daily intakes,has been perceived to be responsible for causing many Health issues , even Cancer…though tests are not conclusive 

Those who cannot consume Sugar because they are Diabetic or prefer low or no calorie sweeteners routinely turn to these three popular alternatives  :

  • Sugar Free Gold Low Calorie Sugar Substitute claims to be India’s No 1 Sweetener ~ It is made from Aspartame,a protein derivative ~ A 0.75 g sachet is equivalent in sweetness to two teaspoons of sugar and contains 2.8 calories instead of 40 calories that the two teaspoons of sugar hold ~ not recommended for Children and not meant for Phenylketoneurics.Ingredients are Lactose,Aspartame and Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone…..Phenylketonurics are people who have PKU disease. People with this disease cannot digest the amino acid phenylalanine properly, so if they eat too much of it, it could build up in their brains and cause mental problems. The warning on the wrapper is warning these people not to eat that product so they can avoid ingesting phenylalanine.
    PKU disease is a genetic condition, and it can be easily discovered through a blood test ~ Sugar Free Gold is manufactured and marketed by Zydus Wellness,Sikkim which is part of the Cadila Pharma Group of Gujarat
  • Equal is a low calorie sweetener ~ Each Sachet of 1 g contains 36 mg of Aspartame and it’s 4kcal is equivalent in sweetness to two teaspoons of sugar that is 32kcal.The ingredients are Lactose,Aspartame and colloidal silicon dioxide.It is not for Phenylketoneurics and not recommended for Children.It is manufactured by Qualicare Pharmaceuticals Ltd,Medak,Andhra Pradesh and marketed by Merisant India Pvt Ltd,New Delhi
  • Splenda is a no calorie sweetener that is ideal for the whole family ,including Children,Pregnant and Nursing Women and even those with Kidney,Liver or Cancer Issues.It does not contain Aspartame.It gets the sweetness from Sucralose and also contains Dextrose and Maltodextrin.Each Sachet is 1 g and suitable for people with diabetes.Splenda is distributed by McNeil Nutritionals LLC,Foret Washington,PA,USA.Sucralose is made from a patented process from sugar to a no calorie and no carbohydrate sweetener.Sucralose does not have the after taste bitterness associated with other alternatives to sugar like saccharin and acesulfame K and unlike Aspartame can hold up to heat and thus can also be used in cooking and baking.After 20 years of Research  and over 110 scientific studies it is now allowed in over 80 countries.The US FDA and WHO do not require it to mention any warnings or restricted use on it’s labels.Also it has no expiriy date unlike other sweeteners that need to be conumed within one to three years of manufacture .You can check out why Splenda is a preferred sweetener to others at this link on their website   
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    Reclaim Your Life Now !

    Reclaim Your Life Now !

    What inspired me to blog this on a lovey cool Sunday Morning were two interesting news articles today ~ one in the Sunday Mid-Day and one in the Mumbai Mirror

    Sunday Mid-day : Smartphones: The new homebreakers ~ Imagine waking up and hugging your phone instead of your children or spouse just to check if you missed any calls or messages or emails while you slept at night ! ~ Get a Life Guys ! ~ just junk your Smartphone and go back to one that allows you only to simply make or receive calls and sms and throws in a games like building bricks ! ~ “But Dad ! you send me a Smiley Hug everyday from your Smartphone !” retorted my Son  ~ “That’s different Son,I use it well ! and how else can I hug you when you go and come at odd hours  as an upcoming Sound Engineer !” I justified

    Mumbai Mirror : ‘I had played far too long with money’ ~ This is about a Share Broker Shripal Morakhia of SSKI (Sharekhan) who exited to IDFC and Citibank believing that Financials Services is the worst business to be in ~ no matter if you’re good or bad,finally greed takes over !  ~ Loves Mumbai and it’s pulse,just like I do, but says he would not like his grandchildren to stay here as it’s a decaying city ! ~There is more than a modicum of Truth in what he believes in !

    Also Inspiring and makes me feel warm and nice are good English Romantic Comedies ~ am a sucker for these~ and simply love this TV Channel ‘Romedy Now’ that airs them ~ saw two back to back day before night ‘Hall Pass’ (2011) starring   Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Stephen Merchant, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate and ‘The Ugly Truth’ (2009) starring Kathrine Heigl and Gerard Butler

    Had a  good Sunday Early Morning Walk  in our Building Garden listening to ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and other great Music ~ Amusingly a Pug from my Building wanted to walk with me ! despite it’s young owner coaxing it to move into the Car to be taken for his walk elsewhere ! he finally had to carry the dog into the car!

    Came back home to  lovely Old Hindi Songs on FM and Hot Masala Dosas with Steaming Sambhar for Breakfast which has become our  Sunday Norm now

    Alright so  I eat  Dosa with a Knife and Fork ! ~ Don’t chuckle or snigger ! ~ Learn how to from me ! ~ my wife thinks I’m mad and I must reveal this was the reason of our first post marriage argument on our honeymoon in Pahalgam after I ate a Gujarati Thali with my hands ! ~ her sarcasm,she calls it wit, spilled over  ” Why don’t you eat the Thali with a Fork and Knife !” read more

    Take Time out from our Sensex & Nifty to Fly Kites today on Makar Sankranti !

    “tilgud ghya godgod bola”~Happy Makar Sankranti~Pongal~Bhogali Bihu~Lohri~Id-e-Milad

    Take Time out from our Sensex & Nifty to Fly Kites ! ~ Avoid this Serious Investor Mistake not to !

    Flying a Kite with Daughter in 2008

    I’m Crazy about Kite Flying ! though some think I’m just simply Crazy,Period !

    This was four years ago in 2008 ~ My Daughter has grown older and I younger !

    Fly Safe ensuring the ‘Manja’ does not cut Birds in Flight or your Fingers ~ Kite “Kanni” should be 0:0 if wind is strong or 1:0 otherwise ~ Tape your flying finger so that the ‘Manja’ does not cut it ! ~ have an expert ‘Firki’ holder who senses when to ‘lapate’ and when to ‘dheel choud’ especially when you are entangled in a ‘Pech’

    My record is 18 ‘Kai Po Che!’ with just one single Kite of mine flying ! ~ that was when I was single in another era ! ~ probably never going to break that record now that I’m married ! ~ don’t ask me what the connection is !

    Enjoy the Day ! Cheers !