What a Day !

Saturday,August 9,2008…….Warm Day so far……I was exposed to Earth on this day years ago !

What else happened on this Day in History ?

  • India Quit Movement Started
  • President Nixon of USA resigned over the Watergate Scandal
  • USA dropped an Atom Bomb on Hiroshima in World War II just days after they dropped one on Nagasaki

It’s been one continuous celebration from last night after a spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and the surreal lighting of the Olympic Flame and a midnight surprise from Family and Relatives with Ice Cream and Cake…..and some heartwarming words on some lovely cards from my kids…..and gifting of three Lions too adding to my collection !

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach !…guess What ? For Lunch Wifey experimented with a Corn Dish that I love and that my Mom used to make….It was really Good !…Thanks baby !